The Benefits of Buying a Policy with Surewise

We are a dedicated team based in Hadleigh, Essex, all united by a passion to build trust, care, and fairness within the insurance sector.

While we work with large underwriters, we’re not a large corporate business that is more concerned about its shareholders, and every one of our customers is very important to us.

We are dedicated to helping and protecting our customers against the unexpected and unforeseen. We want our insurance products to be affordable, high quality, and ultimately to help people to live life confidently every day.
Some of the key ways we do this are below

1. No Hidden Costs

We don’t believe in admin charges and additional costs after you receive your quote.

The price you see on the quote page is the price you will pay. We don’t charge administration fees or charge for credit card payments.


2. Renewal Rates

Many insurance providers offer cheap first-year prices to get you onboard and then increase their prices when you renew. This is called ‘Price Walking’ or a ‘Loyalty Penalty’ and we believe it’s not treating customers fairly.

Our policy is to avoid renewal price increases wherever possible, so you can feel confident you won’t have a shock in the future.


3. Savings

As an online business, we benefit from considerable savings on operational costs. These savings made are passed on to you, the customer and reflected in our prices.


4. Paperless

We aim not to produce any paper documentation, which saves on expensive printing costs and postage. All of your documentation is available to download, with physical copies available on request.


5. Underwriters

We work with a number of insurance underwriters to provide insurance products tailored to our customers’ needs, and we look after our policies and claims to make sure that wherever possible, our customers avoid sudden price hikes.

Our insurance products are designed to provide comprehensive levels of cover while also being very competitively priced.

Why not ‘Get a Quote’ and see how we compare..
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