Do I Qualify for a Blue Badge?

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If you have a disability, limited mobility, or another medical condition, you may be entitled to a blue badge in the UK. However, the qualifying criteria for this benefit are not always clear. Below, we’ve discussed how you can qualify for a blue badge, what this benefit entails, and how to apply for one.

Who Qualifies For A Blue Badge?

You will automatically qualify for a blue badge if:

However, you may still be eligible for the blue badge if you:

What Does A Blue Badge Enable Me To Do?

Blue badges allow you to park in places that other drivers cannot – for example, parking spaces that are reserved for Blue Badge holders.

When you receive your Blue Badge, you can use it with any car, including taxis, hire cars you are driving, and cars you are travelling in as a passenger.

Blue Badges also usually let you park for free on streets with pay-and-display machines and in disabled parking bays for as long as you need to (provided there are no signs saying otherwise), and you can also park on single or double yellow lines for up to 3 hours provided there is no loading sign indicating otherwise.

How Do I Apply For One?

You can apply for your Blue Badge through GOV.UK, or you can also obtain a form from your local authority or council.

You will need to submit documents to support your application, including:

If you are not automatically eligible for a blue badge, you may also need to provide the following information:

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