Extended Warranty

Cover includes

  • Protection When Your Warranty Runs Out
  • Electrical & Mechanical faults
  • Annual Service Required
  • Third Party Liability & Legal Expenses

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For many people, a mobility scooter provides the key to maintaining an independent lifestyle. Purchasing a scooter can be a big financial investment, and if things ever go wrong, you have not only the expense to worry about but your freedom is suddenly taken away, too. 

That is why we are proud to announce our latest offering: Mobility Scooter Extended Warranty! 

Extended Warranty is designed to provide peace of mind for our customers by taking the burdensome cost of repairs out of the pockets of our mobility scooter customers and into our own. 

What does Extended Warranty mean?

If your scooter breaks down due to either an electrical or mechanical fault, we will handle the full cost of repairs from start to finish. Providing the event is insured, we will cover the cost of parts, callout fees and labour. 

When filing a valid warranty claim, you can have total confidence that there will be zero unexpected costs. Our warranty protection is designed to be completely transparent and straightforward, eliminating any potential hidden fees. With our warranty, you can feel confident knowing you have a strong safety net.

How To Be Eligable For A Claim

To make the claims process as hassle-free as possible for both parties, we require three key pieces of information to kick off your Extended Warranty cover: 

Our claims will ask for some additional details regarding the event, such as the date and time and some further information regarding the fault with the scooter. It is important when contacting us to have this information on hand to make the process as smooth as possible. 

Providing these steps are followed, and our risk assessment team are in agreement, we will have you back on the road in no time! 

It is important to note that when purchasing a scooter brand new, customers will often be given a 12-month warranty alongside their purchase as part of the purchase package – sometimes even longer! That is why we start our offerings after mobility scooters are a year old up to four-year-old scooters.

Much like our puncture care, key cover and breakdown recovery, this is an added extra that can be added to your policy at the purchase stage. 

If you don’t see this option, it could be because your scooter is too new and, therefore, either covered by the shop or manufacturer you purchased your scooter from or, unfortunately, deemed as too old to be covered under our warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add this Extended Warranty to my policy mid-term?

Much like our other added extras, this can not be added on mid-term. However, Extended Warranty can be added on at the renewal stage. Even if you spread the cost of your policy monthly, it still would count as a yearly policy.

My Scooter is brand new, can I add an Extended Warranty to my policy? 

If you have just purchased a scooter brand new, it is more than likely you will already have some warranty that comes with the scooter. That is why we start our offerings at one year-old scooters. It is important to check how many years your warranty lasts, as some may have longer warranties. Having two lots of warranty can invalidate your policy with us.

When does my cover begin? 

You have a 7-day moratorium period whereby you cannot submit a claim. After seven days, your extended warranty cover will be valid on your policy.

I have left my scooter outside and uncovered; can I claim for rust damage? 

Unfortunately, our policy states that for your scooter to be covered by our insurance, you must leave your scooter covered, out of sight from passers-by (preferably in the back garden) and attached to an immovable object- when left for extended periods of time. 

Can you contact the repairer and handle this all for me? 

Whilst we are happy to assist you with finding a repairer, we do ask that you are the one to organise the initial call out and we will reimburse you the cost.

What isn’t covered under our Extended warranty? 

Batteries and wear and tear are excluded from this policy.

Do you cover cabin cars and powdered wheelchairs? 

Unfortunately, no we only cover mobility scooters under this extra.

Do I still need to have my puncture care add-on as well as this? 

Yes, Extended Warranty covers you for electrical or mechanical faults, not punctures.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, take out Extended Warranty for your Mobility Scooter and say goodbye to unexpected repair costs. Get your quote today!