Mobility Scooter Repair Network

Mobility Scooter Repair Network

Surewise is looking to set up a mobility scooter repair and service networks to assist our customers. We constantly receive enquiries from existing and potential customers looking for advice on repairs or contact information for service providers.

The network will be used by all our customers as well as forming part of a recommended repair
network for our insurance business.

Please find the answers below to the most common questions received..

  • Is there a sign-up fee? – No
  • By signing up, am I committed to anything? – No
  • Do I have to promote Mobility Insurance? – No
  • What are the next steps?We’ll send out a data capture questionnaire over the next couple of weeks about what services you are able to provide.

If you’d like to be considered in becoming a repair agent for our network, please complete the form below:

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