Moving House is Stressful: Why Self-Storage Can Help

Moving house is considered one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through in the lifetime. Here, we've covered how to leverage self-storage to reduce stress, keep your items safe, and speed up your move.

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With the UK’s house prices falling and 12% of 18-34 year olds in the UK expected to downsize next year in the face of rising rents, the inevitable stresses of moving homes will be facing many of us. Self-storage can be a real lifesaver when that time comes. Here’s why…

Self-storage can make your home more sellable

One of the main reasons people move is because they want more space for themselves and their belongings.  As a seller, you should make your home appear as roomy as possible to buyers. 

Getting rid of excess items in the home not only helps buyers visualise what they can do with the space, but it gets a start on the moving you will need to do as well.

Speeds up your move

Having some of your things in storage enables you to move out more quickly when you make a sale, and it covers your back if there are any delays moving into your new property. 

It also means that if you live in a flat or are going abroad, you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere safe to keep your possessions while you wait for the new place.

Takes some of the stress and urgency out of repacking

The impulse to get all moved in as soon as possible is a natural one, but there are advantages to biding your time too. You have the opportunity to clean the new property and properly plan where everything will go. Which is a lot easier when the floor isn’t cluttered with big cardboard boxes!

Having your items in storage takes some of this stress off your shoulders, letting you do it in your own time.

Gives you options if your new house needs a little TLC

Revamping your new place may be just what it needs to start feeling like home. Getting rid of that wall between the dining room and kitchen? We know, good call… You might also be considering other ways to make use of existing rooms, painting walls or adding some new carpets.

Again, these choices are easier to make and implement when the property is clutter-free.

Keeps items safe when moving

The transition between new and old houses rarely runs as smoothly as you’d like. We’ve all been there. 

Having your items in storage ensures your items are safe, come what may – and storage insurance means that you are fully covered if anything is damaged.

Moving house never gets any more fun, but we hope this guide has shown you how storage facilities can, at least, make it a little bit less stressful!

Our storage insurance starts at just £13.50 a month. It is compulsory at most storage facilities but often far cheaper via a third-party such as Surewise, offering you immediate certification, coverage and protection from theft, fire, floods, pests and much more.