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Just 8% of carers feel that they currently recieve sufficient breaks from caring, according to new figures released by the national charity, Carers UK. One-third of carers said they would use a break from caring to attend their own medical appointments, while more than 50% of the carers interviewed (52%) said they would use their break to be able to see other family and friends.

Blue badge changes 2019: this August, the government introduced changes to the blue badge parking scheme to include hidden disabilities for the first time.

Get outdoors and enjoy the British sunshine this summer with any of these wonderful accessible attractions in the UK. From a day trip to the zoo to an accessible trail in one of Britain’s many national parks, there’s something here for everyone.

how to support carers

MPs state that carers are being bullied by being pursued for overpayments of their Carer’s Allowance after a failure to spot these errors by the DWP.

who is in charge of repairs in my rented home

Need repairs done in your rented home? Find out who the responsibility for arranging repairs around the home lays with: the tenant or the landlord.

Can you run a business from a storage unit? In short, it depends. Here are a few businesses ideal for running from a storage unit.

how to avoid hoarding in storage

How to avoid hoarding when putting your belongings into self-storage. These tips will help you save money on your storage provider and reduce clutter.

Charities Call For Stricter Regulations On Mobility Scooters Mobility scooters were back in the headlines this month with a number of influential road charities calling for tighter restrictions on mobility scooter users, particularly scooters used on pavements. IAM Roadsmart, a leaving driver awareness group in the UK, suggests that those caught committing offences such as […]

Carers insurance

Survey Of Adult Carers Finds Increased Levels Of Stress, Depression, & Financial Difficulty A recent study published by NHS Digital has revealed that 60.6% of carers reported feeling stressed in 2018-19, a 2% increase from the results in 2016-17. The survey, compiled from a pool of 50,800 adult carers, sheds some light on the difficulties […]

Home Buyers Protection

What Does Home Insurance Cover? Home insurance is not currently a legal requirement in the UK, but it does provide protection for your home and it’s contents against a number of circumstances, including natural disasters, damage, and theft. If you are a homeowner, your mortgage provider may require that you take out a building insurance […]

Storage Insurance for Businesses Self-storage isn’t just for people looking for a place to put old furniture and gardening equipment cluttering up the garage – it’s also an efficient solution for businesses in need of additional space to archive documents and office equipment. Below, we’ve highlighted some key benefits to businesses using self-storage, some key […]

Carers Week Round-Up Carers Week was held this year from the 10th to the 16th June, with over 100 pledges to help raise awareness for carers across the UK. From centres giving carers a day off, to coffee mornings, art shows, and brunches, this has been a fantastic opportunity for carers to come together and […]

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How Long Do Mobility Scooter Batteries Last? There are three main types of mobility scooter batteries: Sealed Lead Acid (also known as AGM) – This battery type is best for occasional users as it produces fewer cycles. This does mean, however, that it also tends to be the cheapest option. Gel cell – Recommended for […]

Carers Week 2019 is held from the 10 – 19th June. Find out what it is, how to get involved, and what we’re doing to raise awareness this year.

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Your Total Mobility Scooter Buying Guide | Maintaining Your Scooter   Buying a mobility scooter can be life-changing for many people, giving you an entirely new level of independence to move around your neighbourhood without additional assistance. With so much to gain, it only makes sense that you’ll want to do your research to make […]

Benefits of Owning a Mobility Scooter

  6 Benefits of Owning a Mobility Scooter A mobility scooter is a big investment for many people, so it’s understandable that you want to be sure you need one before committing to buying a mobility scooter for yourself. There is a huge range of benefits to owning a mobility scooter, and many people find […]

How To Stay Active & Healthy In A Wheelchair: Our Top Picks for Wheelchair Sports & Activities Staying active and healthy when you are a wheelchair user may require a little more time and planning to find accessible activities, but it’s certainly not impossible. From taking part in wheelchair sports to simply making a habit […]

How safe are storage units? Follow these easy tips to look for to keep your belongings safe and secure when using a self-storage facility.

Mobility Scooter

Protect your scooter from theft or vandalism with these 7 easy and practical tips that will deter thieves and ensure you can always track your scooter.

robots in care

Could robots ever realistically be used in care? A UK project seems to believe so – here we can examine the potential benefits.

does my insurance cover water damage to my roof?

How To Properly Prepare Your Home For Sale In The Summer With summer rapidly approaching, many people are no doubt preparing to sell their homes. Summer is the most popular time of year to sell in the UK, and it’s not hard to see why: blue skies and warmer temperatures put everyone in a better […]

Meet Our March Mobility Scooter Winner! Last month, we partnered up with Betterlife to offer our customers the opportunity to win a mobility scooter. Betterlife are a part of Lloyds Pharmacy, offering a range of healthcare products to make people’s lives easier, so we were thrilled to have the chance to collaborate with Betterlife and […]

A stack of boxes ready to be taken to storage facility

Storage units are convenient for clearing clutter, but there are limits to what you can store. Check this guide to see what you should never store.

Our January Winner: Mobility Scooter Giveaway with Betterlife At the beginning of 2019, the team here at decided that we want to find a new way to give back to our customers. When the opportunity to work with Betterlife arose, we knew this was the perfect way to potentially change the lives of […]

Want to enjoy a long weekend away this summer, but worried about travelling with your mobility scooter? Here, we’ve listed some of the top accessible destinations and attractions in the UK so you can enjoy some well-deserved time off without the stresses of travelling with limited mobility.

Considering storing your business’s documents off-site? We’ve covered a few key things to consider before you do.

Plumber fixing pipes behind a broken wall with his tool bag beside him

What does home emergency insurance actually cover – and is it worth it? We’ve answered your key questions regarding protecting your home from emergencies here.

Female Direct Payments Carer providing support to her female patient

There are a number of benefits to becoming a registered carer, including providing you with access to more support and information to help you in your day-to-day role. Here, we’ve covered everything you need to know about becoming a registered carer.

Putting your items into storage? Save money on your packing materials with these easy, simple tips.

Do you need to buy storage insurance when you rent a storage unit? All your questions answered here.

Carer or Personal Assistant holding hands with the person she is providing care to

Recent research suggests that up to 400,000 carers could be missing out on up to £3,000 worth of benefits they’re entitled to every single year – here, we cover what that benefit is and if you’re eligible to claim for it.

Respite for Carers |

Carers Rights Day is an annual event held to help carers find the support and advise they need, as well as to raise public awareness of the additional help carers need in their roles. Here, we provide a breakdown of some of the benefits you’re entitled to as a carer in the UK.

Declutter Your Home: Benefits

Why utilising a self-storage facility is a great option for anyone newly retired and looking for a safe space to store your belongings.

Respite for Carers |

Being a carer is hard work, and it’s only natural to need a break every now and again. This article covers some of the main ways to organise respite from your responsibilities as a carer.

Storage Insurance Scandal | Save Three Times More on Storage Insurance with Surewise

Research from ProInsight recently revealed that customers are paying three times more for storage insurance directly through storage providers than they are with online competitors such as

How to reduce your heating bills in the winter

With winter around the corner, it’s time to think about the small, cost-effective changes you could make around the home to make massive savings on your energy bills this time of year.

do I need rent guarantee insurance? Landlords Rent Guarantee Insurance

If you own a property that you rent out to tenants, one of the biggest problems you could encounter is your tenant falling into arrears with their rent. Here’s why rent guarantee insurance is essential for protecting your income.

Changes to Blue Badge Scheme to Include Mental Illnesses

Earlier this year, the Department of Transport announced new changes to the Blue Badge Scheme so that it will cover those with hidden disabilities as well as people with mobility problems and visible disabilities.

Declutter Your Home: Benefits

Whether you’re moving home, renovating, or simply in need of some more space, delucttering your home can have huge bonuses. Check out our guide to effectively clearing the clutter from your home here – and how to store it to keep it safe.

How to pack your clothes for storage: a total guide

Are you preparing to put your clothing into storage? Follow these tips to ensure your clothes stay fresh and ready for wearing, and avoid pests, mildew, and improper storage from ruining them.

Mobility Scooter Insurance

Find the right mobility scooter for you with our buying guide covering every point you need to consider when finding the right mobility scooter for your needs.

how to support carers

How to Give Carers the Support They Need If you’ve been reading the news lately, you may have seen that a report was recently published showing that the number of carers in the UK is on the rise – with the population of unpaid carers swelling to 7 million. It has become increasingly clear that carers […]

Carers in the UK: Unpaid Carers Increase

New Report Reveals that Unpaid Carers are ‘Propping Up’ the Carer System – with Women Baring the Brunt of the Responsibility A recent report from the Social Market Foundation has revealed that the proportion of unpaid family carers providing care for 20 or more hours a week has risen from 24% to 28% between 2005 […]

Travelling with a mobility scooter this year? Check out our most useful tips for organising your trip abroad with your mobility scooter for a stress-free travel experience.

foster carers support

How Much Do Foster Carers Get Paid & How To Become A Foster Carer? How Much Do Foster Carer’s Get Paid? Foster carers receive weekly payments to cover the cost of caring for a child. These payments varying depending on where you are living in the UK, what age the child you are caring for […]

What Support are You Entitled to as a Carer? A carer is someone who regularly cares for a person who is unable to take care of themselves or do some everyday tasks independently due to an illness or disability. Many carers do not see themselves as such, as they are often a spouse, parent or […]

Female Direct Payments Carer providing support to her female patient

Carer’s Allowance — Who Is Eligible, How to Claim, and Other Things You Need to Know. Who Is Eligible For Carer’s Allowance? Carer’s Allowance is the main welfare benefit available to support people who spend a certain amount of time every week providing care to someone with a disability. In order to be eligible for […]

Self Employed Carer giving hug to her female client

11th – 17th June is Carers Week, an annual event aimed at raising awareness for caring and providing more support for carers and the challenges they face. Find out all you need to know about what’s happening and how to get involved.

Government Work & Pensions Carers Report

Earlier this month, a report was published from the Work and Pensions Committee to provide suggestions and advice on how employers and the government could better support working carers.

Surewise Staying Active in the Spring

4 Simple Ways to Stay Active in the Spring With the approach of 2018, more people are looking to spend more time outdoors and enjoying the sunshine. Research has shown that regular exercise and a proper diet can keep you happier and healthier for years, so all of us should be aiming to get a […]