Why buy from Surewise.com?

Why buy your insurance from us?


We monitor our prices against our competitors to make sure we are always highly competitive. We’re not always the cheapest because offering the right cover levels is very important so in some cases it’s not just about the price; however, we frequently are the cheapest in the UK.

Also, we don’t automatically increase our renewal prices. This is called ‘Price Walking’ or paying a ‘Loyalty Premium’ and we just don’t think that’s looking after our customers fairly. Our Prices are reviewed on a regular basis with our underwriters to make sure we don’t get a sudden increase in premiums.  And unlike some competitors, we don’t charge more to renew a policy compared to buying a new policy.

Just have a look at their websites!

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British Gas Price Hikes

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Fish Insurance Price Hike


Homeserve Price Hike


We want you to feel confident in staying with us for the long term.

We also have a policy of no hidden costs for card fees or cancellations and amendments.

We don’t store your credit card details and we don’t automatically renew your policies without speaking to you. Our payment partner, Worldpay, does retain enough information so that we are able to refund or renew you at your request.

Our Products

We work with our insurance underwriters to provide niche insurance products specifically created to meet our customers’ needs.

By working with a number of different underwriters we are able to tailor our insurance products to keep cover high and prices low.


The majority of our business is actioned online, but we understand the importance of providing someone to talk to, so we also have a UK call centre open during normal office hours to help deal with any questions you may have.

The Company

Surewise.com is an established insurance intermediary specialising in home and care insurance products. The company has grown from launch in 2011, selling Appliance Insurance, to now, selling a wide range of insurance products for Home Emergencies,  Mobility Scooters, Landlords, Self-Storage, Carers and Home purchases to name just a few.

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