Pet Insurance

Insurance Quotes – Why choose us?

Easy! We’re here to make it simple, smooth and straightforward to protect the things that keep your life running smoothly and look after the things you love – from your pet and your home to broken or stolen appliances and gadgets. We cover home emergencies, travel locally and abroad, mobility scooters and assorted landlords needs.  We aim to provide affordable cover that is comprehensive and budget-friendly. Hopefully nothing will ever go wrong, but they do, we’re here with fast and efficient service to put them right.

We’re here to save you money.If you’re fed up with expensive pet insurance, high street warranties or cheap insurances that offer minimal cover or don’t cover life’s essentials – like your pet, your holiday or your mobile phone – then look no further.

Our insurance policies are easy to understand, easy to buy, and easy to pay for – with a range of options to help you get the level of cover that suits you.

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New! Domestic Boiler Insurance

Standalone insurance for your boiler and heating system 

  • No excess and no call-out fees
  • Breakdown cover
  • Choose between 3 cover levels
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Mobility Scooter Insurance

Mobility Scooter Insurance

Mobility Scooter Insurance from just £44.00 per year and no excesses and instant cover

  • Recovery and Puncture
  • Third party liability up to £2 million
  • Theft & Accidental Damage
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Home Buyers Protection Insurance

Cover against property purchases falling through.

  • Immediate protection
  • No excess
  • Gazumping protection
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  • Ageas
  • Axa
  • UK General
  • Allianz
  • Trading Standards
  • BHTA