Travelling with a Mobility Scooter on a Plane: Our Useful Tips

With borders gradually opening up as we are seeing an easing of COVID-19 restrictions across the globe, travelling abroad, or indeed locally, no longer seems like a pipe-dream. However, travelling is now more complicated than ever, and if you face limited mobility, these challenges are further compounded. 

Are you a mobility scooter user and want to take your scooter abroad with you this year? Are you worried about taking your mobility scooter on a plane?

This article provides some useful tips for travelling abroad with your mobility scooter this year.

Will Travel with a Mobility Scooter Cost Extra?

Government guidelines state that anyone with a disability can travel with up to two items of mobility equipment free of charge if you are travelling to a European airport. However, you will not be able to take your scooter into the passenger carriage – it will be stored in the hold until your arrival.

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What to Do Before Booking

  • Research Airlines

It’s important to remember when booking your holiday that the cheapest airline may not necessarily be able to offer you the best service when it comes to taking your mobility scooter with you.

Do your research on the best-rated airlines for mobility scooter users and pick your flights carefully. You could also contact the airline’s customer service centre before booking to ensure your needs will be catered for.

  • Arrange Help Prior to Arrival

Make sure you discuss your requirements when travelling with a mobility scooter before the day of your flight. This will ensure the airline is able to facilitate your needs and you are met with no unexpected surprises on your travel day!

For example, if you will need extra assistance at the gate, make sure you organise this with the airline before arriving.

  • Book the Transport of Your Mobility Scooter Early

Not all airlines will be equipped to allow you to take your mobility scooter onboard without any prior notice, so it’s a good idea to organise this early on. If you can, book your flights through the customer service line so you can clearly state that you would like to take your scooter on board the aircraft.

You may need to give your tour operator additional information such as your scooter’s make, weight, battery-type etc to ensure they are able to securely load and store it for the duration of the flight.

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Things to Remember:

There are a few things you may need to remember when travelling with your mobility scooter to ensure you have a stress-free trip:

  • Make sure your scooter is fully charged before you set off for the airport
  • Take a spare key away with you (better safe than sorry!)
  • Remember to pack your battery charger and a plug adaptor for the country you are flying to
  • Double check airline staff know how to fold your scooter in order to securely store it for the flight
  • Familiarise yourself with the local laws for mobility scooters in your holiday destination
  • Consider investing in Bluetooth and GSM tracking to protect your scooter while you’re out to dinner or it is not in use. Find out more here.
  • Choose destinations that top the charts for ease of access. Learn more.

Protecting Yourself and Your Mobility Scooter

Damaging your mobility scooter can result in costly repairs, and it can be extremely frustrating to lose your independence while you’re waiting to be able to use your scooter again.

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