The Surewise Marathon: 26.2 Miles & £520 Raised For Carers UK

Taking part in the 2.6 challenge, our team decided on the Surewise marathon: a collective effort to raise money for Carers UK and run the equivalent of a marathon between us!

Taking part in the 2.6 Challenge

Last Saturday 26th April, the London Marathon was supposed to go ahead. Thousands of people who had put hours of their time and energy into training for the marathon itself, as well as fundraising for the charities they were raising money for.

Of course, due to the current social distancing guidance to prevent the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, the marathon had to be cancelled.

In its place, the 2.6 challenge was created in an effort to make up some of the money that would have been raised by the runners. All you have to do is think of an activity that involves a 2 and a 6 (check out UK Fundraising’s video with some ideas).

The Surewise Marathon

As providers of carers insurance, as well as the founders of the Thank A Carer initiative, supporting our carers in the UK is a subject close to our hearts here at Surewise.

All of our team agreed that our contribution to the challenge would be to run a marathon, together. Collectively, we ran 26.2 miles (a full marathon) over the weekend – and raised a total of £520 for Carers UK.

Surewise and Thank A Carer are proud to support our carers and Carers UK – thank you all!

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