Direct Payments Resource Centre

Our Resource Centre has been created for:

  • Service Users and Employers
  • Personal Assistants and Carers
  • Someone that is funding their own care
  • Anyone who is providing care

Direct Payments Resource Centre

This Resource Centre provides resources to assist service users in managing their personal assistants (PAs). In addition to this, we also offer tools for PAs to improve their caregiving skills and better support the service users they assist.

These resources have been broken down into different categories to ease navigation and find exactly what you are looking for.

Are you an Employer/Service User?

This applies to you if you receive direct payments and you have to arrange your own care.

These resources can also be useful for anyone funding their own care.

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Are you a Carer/Personal Assistant?

This applies to you if you care for a person who receives direct payments.

These resources are also applicable to anyone providing care.

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I am an Employer/Service User

Receiving Direct payments allows the service user more flexibility over their care and support which is a huge positive. However, arranging your own care can initially feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. 

That is why we have created this resource centre, signposting you in the direction of a variety of helpful tools and guides.


Recruiting a Personal Assistant

These resources will increase your chances of finding the best fit for your requirements. We have included job descriptions, screening questionnaires, role expectations, salary thresholds along with interviewing techniques. 

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Managing Your PA

We understand that as a service user, it can be daunting taking on the role of managing a Personal Assistant. We have collated resources including goal-setting, assigning responsibilities, monitoring progress, and giving constructive feedback. Allowing you to get the most out of your care.

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Useful Video Resources

Video content can be a more effective way to learn about new topics. In this section, we have signposted you in the direction of some useful video content that will help assist you with parts of being an employer.

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Holiday Calculator

Working out your employee’s holiday entitlement is crucial to ensure they are taking the right amount. With the nature of care work being recorded hourly or daily, it can be slightly more complicated. We have outlined everything you need to know when working it out.

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Client Profile Booklet 

Our Client Profile Booklet is designed to ensure that any handover of care or absences are as seamless as possible. The booklet can be completed by the service user to be passed over to their Personal Assistant or you can work on the booklet together, whichever way works for you!

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Hiring a Personal Assistant With Curam

Finding where to look for a Personal Assistant can be a time-consuming task. That is why we have partnered with Curam, who have created an innovative app that allows you to access a carer near you.

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I am a Personal Assistant/ Carer

Being a carer or pa for a recipient of direct payments means that you have been selected to meet their specific needs and requirements. With your help, you are allowing them to live independently in their own home maintaining their routine.


Health and Safety

To protect the well-being of both the personal assistant and the service user, health and safety guidelines should be adhered to by everyone. Here we have provided you with some key documents that cover topics such as workplace sanitation, emergency protocols, injury prevention and harassment policies. 

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Personal Assistant Benefits

Becoming a personal assistant/ carer is a rewarding career path, however, it is not always financially rewarding. This is widely recognised and many retailers and restaurants offer discounts to carers to help with this.

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Training Workbooks

We have collated Skills for Care’s ‘Care Certificate’ workbooks to assist you with training and developing your role as a carer.

These include: safeguarding, communication, basic life support and many more.

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Carers Resources Hub

We created this carers resources hub to assist you with entertaining your clients. We have activity packs with everything from word searches, to dot to dots and crosswords. As well as a collection of ideas to inspire you to provide entertainment for your client.

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The information and files provided are intended for signposting purposes. We strive to keep them up-to-date, but it’s the user’s responsibility to double-check the latest versions and information directly on the referenced websites.

Websites used include: Skills for Care, Acas,

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