Storage Insurance for Seasonal Business Owners

If you're looking into using self-storage for excess stock as a seasonal business owner, this guide will help you keep your items safe, secure, and covered while in storage.

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Business owners will often find that their demand increases around certain seasons. This can mean a sudden urgency to order more stock, take on more staff, and fulfill additional orders – often before a certain deadline, such as Christmas day.This article covers the benefits of self-storage and storage insurance for seasonal business owners looking to save costs on storage space.

When you manage a seasonal business, the holiday season is a time of year that can significantly increase the demands on your business for more stock and equipment.

While of course this is good news for most business owners, often bringing in the highest levels of profit for some businesses than at any time of the year, it does bring in a few problems. These can include:

Paying for a large warehouse premises all year round only to fill it up for a quarter of the year doesn’t make much sense – and it’s in these cases that self-storage can be the perfect solution for seasonal business owners.

Storage Insurance for Seasonal Business Owners | Contents:

Benefits of seasonal business storage

Small businesses and entrepreneurs in particular can great benefit from self-storage during seasonal holidays. If you aren’t keen on filling up your home with excess stock, and don’t love the thought of shelling out for expensive business premises for months at a time, using self-storage for your seasonal stock is a great alternative.

Here are a few of the major benefits:

Storing your seasonal stock

If you run a Christmas stall, operate at fairs or markets, or simply run a business that is more popular during the seasonal period, having a self-storage unit can be the most cost-effective and secure solution to storing your excess stock when you need it on hand, but not cluttering up your home or garage.

For many self-storage units, you are required to have storage insurance, which will protect the contents of your unit.

Keeping your seasonal business stock safe in self-storage

Using a self-storage unit for your seasonal business stock may be a cost-effective move, but it’s important to take care that your goods (and their value) is covered when stored away from your home or business.

You can do this in two main ways:

1. Choose a secure storage facility

Choose a facility with CCTV, manned security, fire alarms and sprinklers (although this in itself is a hazard if you are storing paper items), and a fenced perimeter.

Remember, you may pay a higher premium for a secure facility, but that cost is often worth it to reduce the likelihood of your unit being broken into or a fire wiping out hundreds of units due to poor fire safety.

2. Make sure you have the right storage insurance

It’s crucial that you have the correct level insurance to cover the total value of the items that you have stored in your unit. That includes the value of your stock, plus any other items you have stored there – such as equipment and furniture.

For many small businesses, the loss of all seasonal stock due to a storage unit fire or flooding could leave irreparable financial damage, so self-storage insurance at least covers the replacement value of those items.


What is self-storage?

Self-storage units are rented to business owners and individuals to store their goods remotely, either on a short-term or long-term basis. In many cases, self-storage is considered one of the more secure ways to store belongings, both for individuals and for businesses.

If you currently rent out a storage unit for the bulk of your business, renting out a self-storage unit to account for the extra stock you need throughout the seasonal period can be a secure and affordable solution to storing this stock without having to pay additional fees for a large unit for the entire year.

What is storage insurance?

Storage insurance will cover the items you are storing from unexpected damage or loss, due to incidents such as natural disasters (flooding, earthquakes etc), leaking water, vandalism or theft, falling trees, and a number of other events.

Your policy will either replace or reimburse you for the value of those items (at the discretion of your insurance provider), something that can be extremely valuable to business owners who rely on the safety of their stock in order to make a living.

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