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White Goods Extended Warranty Insurance

Cover many different kitchen appliances on one easy policy.

For a start, what are white goods? White goods are the major appliances in your household, typically your kitchen appliances and include fridges, freezers, dishwashers, washers and dryers and ovens/cookers. They’re essential to the smooth running of our domestic lives, so it can a bit of a crisis when one of them stop working, especially if they go phut after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Our white goods extended warranty insurance, provides comprehensive cover for your household appliances for up to 7 years. You can also choose between 3 cover options, so you can get insurance that suits your needs and your budget.
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Key Benefits of our Kitchen Appliances Extended Warranty

  • Covers electrical and mechanical breakdown that isn’t covered by domestic contents insurance
  • Finalise your policy out within minutes and access your account details online
  • Multi-appliance insurance allows you to add several kitchen appliances to one policy
  • Top quality repairs from a national network of approved technicians
  • Rapid response times
  • Different payment plans for you with option for annual card payment with or without auto renewal
  • White goods insurance cover for parts, labour and call-outs
  • Extended white goods cover until your appliances are 8 years old
  • Parts, labour and call-outs
  • All major brands and models covered
  • Option to include accidental damage to your white appliances warranty
  • Replacements if your white goods are damaged beyond economical repair
  • UK-based call centre for ongoing help and support

Choice of cover options

Single appliance cover is available for any one of your items valued up to a maximum of £3000.

There are three levels of multi-appliance cover available for white goods.

  • Bronze cover (£10.99 per month): Cover available for several appliances up to a maximum value of £1000.
  • Silver cover (£17.99 per month): Cover available for several appliances up to a maximum value of £3000.
  • Gold cover (£21.99 per month): Cover available for several appliances up to a maximum value of £5000.

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