6 Common Central Heating Pump Breakdowns

In this article, we’ll be covering some of the most common central heating pump breakdowns and the reasons why – so you can keep your central heating in perfect working order or get it repaired as soon as possible in the event of a breakdown!

Indicators of central heating pump problem

If your central heating system displays any of the problem signs listed below, it is likely that the central heating pump in your boiler is not working as effectively as it should.

central heating
  • Poor heating performance – central heating system taking longer than usual to heat or not heating as well
  • Irregular noises coming from the boiler
  • Only some of the radiators are heating up
  • The boiler control panel is not working as it should

Common central heating pump faults

The central heating pump is responsible for the circulation of water in the boiler unit. The central heating pump in your boiler will not work to its maximum capacity due to several reasons.

Here is a list of common central heating pump problems:

  1. Pump is worn out – Although boiler pumps have a long shelf life (of at least 15 years), it is possible that the pump has worn out due to excessive use and needs to be replaced.
  2. No power in the pump – There could be a problem with the fuse or the central heating wiring. Call a central heating technician to inspect the system for any loose connections.
  3. Pump has gathered sludge/ debris – If you have not power flushed the central heating system and have not had it serviced annually, then this will lead to build of sludge / debris. This will create performance issues in the central heating pump, as well as lower its life.
  4. Airlock in the pump: This can be resolved by removing the head screw using a large flat head screwdriver.
  5. Pump is leaking: Corrosion can happen with use over time, or simply due to inactivity of the central heating system. If the pump body has corroded, it will start to leak water. The only solution is to have the pump replaced.
  6. Propeller is jammed: This happens due to debris in the central heating system. You will have to call the engineer to look into the problem. To avoid a recurrence, ensure that you have the boiler serviced annually.

It is highly advisable that you call a central heating technician to address these central heating pump problems.

Central heating system repairs are expensive, and seem even more so in hard financial times. If you do not already have a boiler cover in your existing home cover, it is highly recommended that you get one today.