How To Start Your Mobility Scooter Without A Key

Many of us are all too familiar with that feeling of dread when your realise you’ve misplaced your keys. For mobility scooter users, that dread goes a step even further, because if you’re out in public, you’re faced with no way to get home.

If you’ve found yourself in the unfortunate position of losing your mobility scooter key, this guide offers a few helpful tips for what yo do next.

Manufacturers fit them with starter keys for safety and convenience. But how do you start a mobility scooter without one if you lose it? Read on to find out…

What steps to take when you’ve lost your mobility scooter’s key

As we get older, forgetting things becomes a fact of life. Getting into the good habit of keeping our keys in the same place is a good practice to get into. But there may still be the occasion when we can’t find them there or forgot where we put them. In that instance, its best to:

    • Keep calm. Searching frantically won’t help! Focus is the key.

    • The first thing to do is to look for the keys within a metre of where you expect them to be

    • One by one, check out each room and open space

    • Don’t forget to concentrate on cluttered areas where keys are hard to find

    • Organize clutter with your eyes. Take each section one at a time

    • Try to recall where you were when you last had the keys in your hands.

You have no need to keep returning to the same place if you’ve already checked. If you left a spare set with a neighbor, then contact them. However, if you’re far away from home, you need to find another solution.

Do mobility scooters start when hot-wired?

The key ‘makes’ and ‘breaks’ the connection between the battery and the motor. The key, essentially, releases electricity from the battery to turn the motor.

A ‘hot-wire’ can be used instead of the key switch to create this connection. In fact, that’s why thieves call stolen goods ‘hot property’- because they can burn their fingers if caught. Literally!

The hot wire must be thick enough or it will get warm as well.

So, if you lose your mobility scooter key, should you try it yourself?

Well, you could, but we don’t recommend that you should.

You might damage the scooter electrics if you connect the wires wrong, causing expensive damage and compounding your issue. It is best to ask for expert assistance.

If you rented the scooter, call the rental company. They should have a spare key. If you own the scooter, follow these steps:

    • Hot-wiring your scooter can be done by the people who maintain it. They should know what to do.

    • Ensure that the technician who hot-wired your scooter follows you home and removes it after you park safely

    • Then put the kettle on and relax…  You’ve probably had a stressful hour or two! Just  contact the scooter supply company so they can order two sets of keys.

Can you start a scooter with a screwdriver and hammer?

It is possible to start your mobility scooter with a screwdriver, but it’s not advised. There is the small catch that not only will you irreversibly damage the lock, but you will need a locksmith to fix it.

No, the sensible option is to load your mobility scooter on a utility vehicle and order two replacement keys instead. (And, of course, get that kettle on when you get home!) If you have our Gold Mobility Scooter Insurance, you’ll actually have key cover included within your policy. This covers the cost of replacement keys or locksmith assistance for your scooter, home and car key.

How to get replacement keys for your mobility scooter

You can get replacement keys by contacting your mobility scooter manufacturer or the shop you got it from.

    • Give them the unique serial number of the scooter (they will tell you where to find it)

    • Any identifying marks on the lock face unless you smashed it up

    • Proof of ownership in the form of a receipt or license disk

    • Money (but not as much as a locksmith’s callout fee!)

We hope this article helps you if you do happen to find yourself in this most unfortunate situation.

Of course, there are many situations you just can’t plan for- and that is where mobility scooter insurance can be useful.

From just £3.85 a month, we’ll cover you for: theft, vandalism and accidental damage; third party liability and legal expenses; multiple riders, with no upper-age limit; and NO hidden fees or excess.

Plus, we offer key cover as an add-on to cover the cost of replacing your keys or needing locksmith assistance for your mobility scooter, home, or car key.