7 Helpful Tips To Keep Your Mobility Scooter Secure

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If you have a disability or trouble moving around independently, a mobility scooter can give you a tremendous amount of independence which, for many people, is totally life-changing.

Having your scooter stolen or vandalised can be a devastating thing to happen, not only costing you a lot of money to repair or replace, but also taking away your freedom to move around independently.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can keep your scooter more secure and deter thefts from trying to take your scooter. Below, we’ve provided our 7 best tips for keeping your mobility scooter secure.

Shop For A Scooter With An Ignition key

Mobility scooters can differ in the way they start: some simply have a button that you need to press to switch it on, whereas others come with an ignition key.

Button-operated scooters, of course, can be much easier for thieves to take if you leave your scooter unattended. Getting a scooter with a starter key may, therefore, be the better option if you are planning on leaving your scooter unattended often.

Get A Scooter alarm

Scooter alarms can be easily fitted to your scooter and will emit noise if it detects motion once you have set the alarm. Often, this will be enough to deter anyone attempting to take your scooter.

Fit Your Scooter With A Tracker

If you are worried about your scooter being stolen, another good security measure is to fit a tracker to your scooter. Trackers work via GPS, tracking the scooter and sending a text to alert the owner of the scooter’s whereabouts.

This can be extremely useful for tracking down the scooter if it is stolen and helping the police to locate your scooter sooner.

Invest In A Wheel Lock

Another good security measure is to get a wheel lock for your scooter to deter potential thieves from trying to wheel your scooter away. Wheel locks simply clamp onto the wheel of your scooter and prevent anyone from wheeling it away – but they also act as a visual deterrent if you need to leave your scooter unattended.

Consider Where You Store Your Scooter

Thieves are most likely to target your scooter when it is left unattended, so where you store your scooter overnight and when not in use is an important consideration.

We would always recommend storing your scooter inside, preferably in a dedicated space where you can charge your scooter battery and secure it, either by locking it in a storage cage or keeping it actually inside your property.

Register Your Scooter Online

The UK also has a National Mobility Register, which is run by the National Federation of Shopmobility UK. This database costs just £12 per year to register and provides you with a sticker to put on your scooter so that if it is stolen, police can easily identify who owns the scooter when recovered and return it to you quickly.


Finally, we’d highly recommend getting an insurance policy to cover you and your scooter in the unfortunate event of theft.

Our mobility scooter insurance policies cover you from theft, vandalism, accidental damage, third party liability, and more, to allow you to live life confidently knowing your investment in your scooter is covered.

Starting from just £3.85 per month, this is an easy but extremely practical way to protect your independence and finances in the case of your scooter being stolen.

Read more about our mobility scooter insurance and get a quote to cover your scooter today.