Mobility Scooters and Third Party Liability Cover

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Mobility scooter insurance can cover you and your scooter in the case of an accident, theft, or damage. A range of things are covered on your policy; personal accident, legal expenses, and third party liability.

In this article, we’ll be covering what exactly third party liability cover is, and why it may be an important consideration when choosing a mobility scooter insurance policy.

What is third party liability cover?

Third party liability cover protects you in the event of you being responsible for causing an accident or damage to someone or someone else’s property while driving your mobility scooter.

For example, were you to hit a pedestrian while using your mobility scooter, third party liability cover would be necessary should that person choose to take you to court for any damage caused.

Is third party liability cover an essential part of mobility scooter insurance?

At present, the law in the UK is that mobility scooter users don’t need insurance, not even third party liability cover, while golf-buggies, quad bikes and ride-on lawnmowers need insurance if the vehicles are driven on public roads.

The Telegraph cited Cecilia Frodsham from Stephensons Solicitors, who said that mobility scooter drivers are strongly advised to take out third party liability cover, just in case they accidentally hit or otherwise injure pedestrians. Annual third party liability insurance for mobility scooters is estimated to cost between £60 and £90.

Therefore, while many people opt to include third party liability cover as part of their mobility scooter insurance policy, there is currently no legal requirement to do so.

What else should you consider when buying mobility scooter insurance?

Other key elements that are often included in a mobility scooter policy are: