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  • Gas boilers
  • No excess & no call-out fees
  • UK nationwide call-outs
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Boiler Insurance

A single, simple home emergency insurance policy that includes cover for your home’s boiler and central heating system

Most of your home’s systems are indispensible: central heating, sewage, plumbing, etc. So when one of them breaks down, you want it fixed stat. You can get comprehensive central heating and boiler cover when you buy one of our home emergency insurance policies. Choose between three levels of cover, all of which include your primary central heating and hot water system (boiler, programmer, room thermostat, pumps, hot water cylinder and radiators).

Home emergency cover starts at only £52.00 per year.
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Key Benefits of our boiler coverBoiler cover explained

  • Insurance cover for gas boilers and central heating systems
  • Sudden leakage and burst pipes covered
  • We arrange approved repairs from quality-approved boiler and central heating engineers on your behalf
  • Insurance cover for boiler and central heating repairs up to a maximum of £750 per claim
  • No excess and no call-out fees
  • UK nationwide call-outs arranged
  • Quick response times
  • 14 day cooling off period
  • Insurance is available for all major manufacturers, makes and models, including Viessmann, Vaillant, Ideal, Baxi, Bosch, Ariston and Alpha boilers.

It’s easy to take your boiler for granted, until it stops working. It’s vital to have home emergency cover with boiler and central heating protection that is comprehensive and affordable with a quick and easy claims process, so you can repair breakdowns and problems without any fuss.

Cover options include

  • Silver plan provides boiler and central heating insurance cover with a limit of £250 per claim
  • Gold plan provides central heating and boiler insurance cover with a limit of £500 per claim
  • Platinum plan provides boiler and central heating insurance cover with a limit of £750 per claim


Boilers and central heating systems more than 15 years old are not covered in our home emergency insurance plans.

Your insurance policy does not include re-lighting your central heating boiler.

You have a responsibility to take due care of your boiler and central heating system, including annual services and ongoing maintenance. Breakdowns resulting from negligence or failing to follow manufacturer’s instructions are not covered by boiler insurance.

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