4 Biggest Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

Are you moving home soon – or just desperately in need of more room around the house?

Decluttering your home is a fantastic idea whether you’re moving, renovating, or just in need of a good clear out – below, we’ve listed the biggest benefits and how to get started.

1. Safety

If you have a cluttered home, it can be difficult to navigate rooms, not to mention spotting potential problems with your home including mould, damp, or general wear and tear.

Starting one room at a time, focus on clearing the clutter from your home to give you more space to move around, easier access to any issues with your home, and to also improve health conditions such as asthma and eczema.

2. More Space

Clutter can quickly spread, leaving you with less space and empty surfaces. Rather than consider moving home – an expensive and stressful endeavour – simply decluttering your home can give you far more space in your home for your family to enjoy.

If you want more space, but can’t decide what items you need to get rid of, self-storage is a great option for keeping your belongings safe and secure, but out of sight until you need them.

3. Find Items You Value

It’s easy to forget about items you really value when your home is overly cluttered. Set aside a weekend to declutter key areas in your home, whether that’s your wardrobe, bedroom, kitchen, garage, or another room that needs addressing.

Then, you can sort your items into keep, donate, and throw piles. Simply going through the items in one area can help you to remember what goes where, and may even help you to re-discover some much-loved items that you had previously forgotten about.

4. Increase Your Home’s Marketability

If you’re looking to sell your home in the near future, having a cluttered home can seriously de-value your home’s marketability.

Clear out your clutter and place some of your items in a secure self-storage facility to create more space in your home. Messy homes will often struggle to get your asking price, or may even produce no offers at all – so decluttering can be a real help here.

Where to start?

If you’ve decided your home is in need of decluttering, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

Consider finding a self-storage facility near you to hold your belongings while you focus on clearing out those you don’t need.

If you are decluttering prior to a house move, this can be especially helpful to keep the belongings you want safe until you are settled in your new home.

If you choose to store your belongings in a storage facility, make sure they’re covered even when they’re out of sight.

Get a quote for your self-storage insurance today, covering your stored belongings for accident, damage, theft, and more.