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Dishwasher: How to Use in the Most Efficient Manner Possible

Dishwasher: How to Use in the Most Efficient Manner Possible

Now we’re not going to tell you how to use your dishwasher. We may however, give you some guidance on how to do it properly. Nobody likes a bossy boots but when it comes down to your dishwasher (how to use efficiently) the following tips really could save you a fortune on your utility bills. Interested? Then read on…

Stop pre-rinsing right now

You may believe you’re doing the right thing by rinsing the plates prior to popping them into the dishwasher. But honestly? You’re not. In the olden days we’d have applauded you but thanks to filtration systems in today’s dishwashers, all the food is automatically caught and pumped down the drain anyway. We’re not saying don’t scrape off your food but these modern dishwasher cleaners actively look for food to deal with so you really are doubling up by pre-washing your plates.

Get the low down on loading

Believe it or not every dishwasher loads differently. There are basics though when it comes to stacking such as put similar items together and making sure they’re all facing the centre (which is where the jet spray comes in).

It’s also a good idea to leave space between dishes so that the water and soap can actually get to them. You should also always put larger items on the bottom rack and make sure everything is facing downwards (otherwise bowls will fill with water).

With the top rack, drinking glasses and cups should fit in along the edges while small plates/saucers can sit in the middle. This is also the space for long and awkward-shaped kitchen utensils.

And the big debate? Cutlery should be placed in the basket individually in the sense that forks and spoons should have their handles down in the basket while knives should have their handles up.

Dishwasher: how to use correctly with miscellaneous objects

There are certain items that really don’t belong in a dishwasher. These include thin stemmed delicate cocktail glasses, silver and cast iron pots (they’ll get rusty), non-stick pans, wooden spoons or bowls (they’ll crack) and throwaway plastic tubs.

We hope our dishwasher: how to use correctly article has helped.

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