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Image Ghosting Problem with LCD TVs

If you occasionally see images following people on your television screen, there could be a ghosting problem with your LCD TV. You may see a doubling or tripling of the screen image, dark patches on screen, or a picture that appears to be lagging or smudged on one side. The problem may become more prominent when you are watching sports or fast moving images.

Ghosting is a relatively common problem with LCD TVs and could be caused by a number of reasons.

Perform these basic troubleshooting steps before you call the television technician.

  1. Check the settings on your TV to see if there is any adjustment you can make to stop the ghosting effect.
  2. There could a problem with the aerial alignment. Use a high-quality cable to align the aerial and to avoid the ghosting.
  3. Faulty plugs or sockets at the back of the television can also cause the ghostly images. Instead of connecting the aerial through additional equipment, connect the aerial directly to the TV. Check if the ghosting effect persists.

If you are still using analogue TV, changing to digital TV could also eliminate the problem. On the other hand if you already have a digital TV content service, there may be a problem with the TV itself.

Sometimes the image ghosting may improve a few minutes after the television set is turned on.  This could be due to a fault in the circuit board connection attaching the LCD glass to the electronics. The only fix for this is a panel replacement.

Avoid changing the panel yourself unless you have the requisite TV repair skills and tools. Also, since the panel is the most expensive part in the TV, it may not be worth replacing the panel if the TV is out of warranty. It would be a better idea to buy a new TV for your home.

Be aware that you may damage the panel during transporting or installing the TV. Transport the TV in upright position; don’t place it flat or an angle. When wall mounting the TV, lift the TV properly with the help of another person.