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What Is Covered and What Is Not Covered With Our Appliance Insurance?

What Is Covered and What Is Not Covered With Our Appliance Insurance?

We aim to be as clear and transparent as possible, so have produced a list of some key items that our policies do and do not cover.  We hope it helps!

Call outs and costs associated with call outsExcess is not covered and costs between £20 and £100 per claim.  (The maximum excess is for Gold cover, items over 8 years old, claims of up to £800)
Breakdowns including the cost of parts and labour chargesAny appliance that breaks down in the first two weeks (14 days) after the start of the policy
All repairs are guaranteed for 3 monthsAny claim arising from pre-existing problems before the policy was in place
Unlimited number of repairs up to the limit of the policyPixilation, gas discharge, re-gassing or image burn on any surface or screen
A nationwide repair networkNon-authorised repairers
No limit to the number of items on multi-item (our limit is on value of items insured)Any amount recoverable from other insurances, warranties or guarantees
On Bronze: Kitchen appliances and small kitchen appliancesNormally replaceable or cosmetic components
On Silver: Kitchen appliances, small kitchen appliances, electrical / entertainment and household appliances
On Gold: Kitchen appliances, small kitchen appliances, electrical / entertainment, household appliances, gadgets and personal items
Installation, transportation, routine servicing
Items as mentioned above as long as you have a form of proof of purchaseItems purchased outside of the United Kingdom or not purchased through a UK registered retailer
Add your appliances at the end of the booking processDamage due to external causes (as covered by home content insurance) such as fire, flood, lightning, theft, attempted theft, explosion or water damage
Qualified & experienced engineersModifications or accessories not approved by the manufacturer
Choice of cover levelsAny abnormal use or negligence
All consumer brands coveredDamage to any surround where the appliance is built-in
Items under 8 years old at the start of your policyItems over 8 years old (only at the start of the policy)
14 day cooling off periodFaults that are subject to recall by the manufacturer, or are dealt with under a manufacturer’s guarantee

What do I do if something breaks?

First check above if what you suspect caused the problem is covered. In the result of a claim please visit our help centre for claims details. Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm, excluding bank holidays with details of the breakdown.

Please have the following information to hand:

  1. The make, model and serial number of the
  2. When and where it was purchased together with
    evidence of the original purchase prices;
  3. What is the problem and when it was noticed.

Payment of the excess

See this page for information on how to pay your excess.