Client Profile Booklet for Carers

We’re thrilled to launch our latest offering for care workers in the UK: a client profile booklet, providing space to keep all your client’s details in one secure place. This booklet is free of charge and available to any care worker or other individual providing carer to someone.

This booklet is designed for Personal Assistants, carers, family members, and others providing regular care for someone else. It enables you to keep all the details about your clients in one place, to ensure that any handover of care or absences are as seamless as possible. 

The booklet includes spaces to enter information such as:

Your client’s name and contact details
Their living arrangement and family situation
Any medication they are currently taking
Food and drink preferences
Any ailments, injuries, or conditions other caregivers need to be aware of

If you are a carer or PA, this free client profile booklet is designed to help you consolidate all the information you know about your client in one, organised location.

Who might benefit from this guide?

This client booklet can be used by carers in a number of different situations. It could be particularly beneficial, however, to:

Agency carers

If a person is receiving daily care from more than one carer, it can be helpful to have a ‘Client Profile Booklet’ guide that all carers can refer to when they are working with that client.

For example, carers can use their client booklet to update personal preferences, living situations, etc alongside their official medical paperwork.

Family members who are carers

If you are an unpaid carer, it can be helpful to have a dedicated client booklet for the person you care for in case you ever need to arrange respite care or hire a PA in the future.

Self-employed PAs

If you are a personal assistant providing care to one or more people throughout the week, having an organised client booklet for carers who may takeover at some point or step in should you need to take time off or leave your post unexpectedly can be tremendously helpful

Dementia carer booklet

People with dementia will often have some degree of memory loss and may get confused about details within their life. Our Client Profile booklets are designed for everyone, but they may be especially useful as a dementia carer booklet to ensure anyone taking care of your patient has their accurate details to hand.

How to get your Client Profile booklet

To get your free Client Profile Booklet, please send an email to: [email protected] with your details and we’ll send it out to you ASAP.

You can view the booklet here: Client Profile Booklet