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5 Most Common Household Pests in the UK

Pest infestations, whether ants, birds, rats or bed bugs, are not pleasant to deal with. Unfortunately, they are a fact of life. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can identify them and try preventing them from gaining a secure foothold in your home.

A couple of years ago the Guardian published an article which cited some interesting stats and handy information about pest infestations from Rentokil. For example, October and November are the months when you are most likely to notice a rodent infestation, as this is when rats and mice look for warmth, food and shelter indoors. This can lead to a number of problems, including electrical fires which are caused by rodents chewing through your home’s wiring.

According to the article, the problem is compounded because most insurers don’t cover damage caused by pests. Some insurers, however, do provide pest infestation cover.

You should keep an eye out for ants in April, moths in May, woodworm in June, flying ants in July and wasps in August.

Now let’s take a look at the five pests most likely to invade your home.

1) Rodents

Rats and mice are a common problem throughout the world. They are attracted to accessible food – although mostly inaccessible food will do, as they have been known to chew through plastic containers to get a good meal. They make themselves at home in walls, cupboards and under sinks and are partial to electric wires, wood and carpet.

2) Woodworm

Woodworm is a catchall term for a number of different beetles that bore into wood. They can cause serious structural damage, so the sooner they’re eradicated the better. They like wooden furniture, floorboards and roof beams.

3) Moths

Despite their tendency to fly into the light, moths love the dark, especially dark cupboards with nice cosy jerseys. They particularly love the cupboards where you keep your clothes that are out of season, so in summer they hang out in your winter wardrobe and in winter they keep themselves busy among your summer skirts. They also love loft spaces.

4) Cockroaches

Cockroaches are universally hated and admired for their survival skills. They are attracted to accessible human and pet food and anything else that they consider edible – which is just about everything. They can spread illness and disease and can cause asthma and allergic reactions in sensitive people.

5) Ants

There are several different kinds of ants that cause different kinds of problems. Among the most common in the UK is the little black ant that comes indoors in search of food and moisture. They’re particularly attracted to sweet things, so keep your sugar in a container with a lid, always wash teaspoons and tea/coffee cups and wipe the counters when you’re finished getting a snack.