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Is it worth buying home emergency cover?

Why would I insure my boiler, central heating, plumbing, electrics, pipes and other aspects of my home under an emergency policy; isn’t it covered by my regular household insurance?

In short no it isn’t. A few providers might include boiler cover (so check your policy schedule) but the majority of policies cover the building itself, any fitted fixtures and garden sheds.

We designed our home emergency policies for two key reasons:

  1. Home emergency policies are often overpriced and offer limited cover while ours are both affordable and comprehensive. Don’t just take our word for it: an article written by in 2012 stated the following: “There are now 163 providers offering 307 variations of home emergency cover according to financial research company Defaqto. These policies range in price from an average of between £8.65 and £45 a month”. Surewise’s policies will only set you back £5 a month for everything. Furthermore stated that many companies charge for extra cover such as pipes and vermin protection. Our all-in-one policies cover a comprehensive list of home emergencies.
  2. Plumbers and electricians are charging exorbitant call out costs making it more affordable and better for your cash flow to be proactive and insure. Often in emergency situations these call outs are even more expensive.

How likely is it that I experience a problem with my boiler for example?

According to a 2013 survey by Which of over 10 000 people in the UK, 48% of those surveyed
have experienced problems with their boilers with a third of the respondents who bought a boiler since April 2005 needing to have it repaired at some time after installation, so it is quite conceivable that you will need emergency repairs on your boiler for example.

Overall there are many reasons for protecting yourself with home emergency cover:

  • Our home emergency insurance costs as little as 10% per year of the cost to replace a standard hot water tank. That means it would take 8 and a half years of insuring with us before it costs the same as one possible emergency.
  • We cover from £250 to £750 per claim – again that means it could take 8 and a half years of insuring with us before it costs the same as ONE maximum claim.
  • There are no call out charges – so it offers complete protection against emergency call outs allowing you to budget easily.
  • 24 Hour dedicated telephone assistance 365 days a year – so we can help you on Christmas day.
  • It covers all of the following emergency situations.