Announcing The Launch Of Our “Safer Mobility” Campaign: Keeping Mobility Scooter Users Safe

Surewise is delighted to announce the official launch of our brand new Safer Mobility Campaign, pioneering the way to keep mobility scooter users safe when using the roads.

As one of the leading providers of mobility scooter insurance in the UK, our team has experienced up close the devastating effect road incidents involving mobility scooter users can have. With what seemed to be an uptick in incidents in the beginning of 2024, we’re officially launching our Safer Mobility Campaign to provide a voice for mobility scooter users.

Data Shows Mobility Scooter Drivers Are More Than 2.5 Times As Likely To Be Killed In A Road Crash

Mobility scooter drivers are more than twice as likely to be killed in a road crash than other road users, data has revealed.

Road casualty data shows that in 2022 alone, nine mobility scooter users were killed and 270 were injured in collisions on UK roads.

Alarmingly, the figures show that over the last decade, mobility scooter casualties have increased by an average of 20 percent, year on year.*

Richard Hannan, Director at Surewise, said: “We were horrified to discover that mobility scooter drivers are more than twice as likely to be killed in a road crash than other road users.

“And, sadly, the problem only seems to be getting worse. Worryingly, the casualty data shows a substantial increase in casualties since 2011, and our claims team takes regular calls from distressed customers who have been injured in collisions.

“Mobility scooter users are very vulnerable, particularly when travelling on the roads, and, unlike cars and other vehicles, the driver has little protection in the event of a crash.”

Making Your Mobility Scooter More Visible

To support mobility scooter drivers more, Surewise has produced a free, downloadable safety guide, giving mobility scooter users useful tips and advice on how to stay safe, in addition to a free sticker pack bundle to make your mobility scooter more visible when driving.

You can request your free safety pack bundle via the form on this page.

Car Strikes Mobility Scooter Driver at 35mph

Earlier in 2024, a woman in her 60s ended up in hospital after her mobility scooter was struck head-on by a car. The collision occurred when a driver, reportedly turning out of her driveway, failed to check for oncoming traffic, striking the mobility scooter at a speed of 35 miles per hour and sending the victim and her dog flying into the road.

The victim of the crash, who wishes to remain anonymous, had to have two operations on her right ankle and foot and also received injuries in her right hip and shoulder. “I’m so blessed my little dog and I have survived,” she said.

The victim was sent flying into the air by the rapidly moving vehicle. Her account of the crash is harrowing. “I remember flying over the bollards and hoping I didn’t land on them. When I landed on the tarmac, my right leg was twisted around the handlebars and very painful,” she said.

Her hero dog, who was with her on the mobility scooter, was scared but unhurt. “She saw I wasn’t moving and climbed onto my tummy to keep me warm and licking me.”

Police said the driver had most likely not seen the mobility scooter, as they did not try to stop before the crash. There were no braking skid marks on the tarmac. The driver reportedly came out of a driveway looking to her right for any oncoming traffic and kept going, not looking ahead. She didn’t slow down until the collision took place.

The victim’s recovery journey continued with a transfer to Great Head Manor in Linfield for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, which should allow her to regain mobility and independence.

Our Obligation To Mobility Scooter Users

Sadly, this story is just one of many when it comes to crashes involving mobility scooter users, who are inherently more vulnerable on their vehicles compared to many other road users.

Surewise feels an obligation to inform mobility scooter users about the risks they face when travelling on or near to the roads, and raising awareness about their vulnerability to all road users.

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