How Much Does It Cost To Charge A Mobility Scooter?

Mobile scooters enable their users to maintain their independence and a renewed sense of freedom. A common question, however, is how much does it cost to run them? When it comes to motor vehicles, it’s easier to get a grasp on the costs you pay at the pump. With scooters? Not so much…

This article aims to answer that very question.

Here we take a closer look at the charging timelines, frequency, and, ultimately, the financial implications attached to charging a mobility scooter – (don’t worry, you don’t need to get the calculator out or worry about the equations, we’ve done all the sums for you!).

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Charging Time and Frequency: What to Expect

Time Frame for Charging:

The duration needed to fully charge a mobility scooter’s battery typically varies between 6 and 12 hours. However, this is largely dependent on the specific model and battery capacity.

The exact specifications will be available in your scooter’s manual or from the manufacturer.

Charge Frequency:

Again, this largely hinges on usage. Frequent users might find themselves needing to charge their scooters daily, while occasional riders might only require a charge every few days.

On average, let’s consider that a user might need to charge their scooter approximately 4 times a week for consistent, uninterrupted usage.

Crunching the Numbers: Unveiling the Costs

Let’s assume a scenario to calculate an average cost, keeping in mind the UK’s average electricity rate of 27 pence per kWh. *accurate as of October 2023.

  • Let’s consider a battery capacity of 70Ah (ampere-hours) for our calculations- common for 8mph scooters.
  • For this scenario, let’s assume a full charge takes 9 hours.

  [Energy Required = (Battery Capacity x Charging Duration) 

  [= (70Ah x 9h)]

  [= 630 Wh = 0.63 kWh\]

Now, utilising the average cost of electricity (27 pence per kWh), the cost per charge becomes: 

  [Cost per Charge = Energy Required x Cost of Electricity\]

  [= 0.63 kWh x 27 pence\]

 \[≈ 17.01 pence]

So, that’s 17.01 pence per charge. Let’s round that down to 17 pence, and move onto seeing how that pans out over the week, month, and year…

Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Costs

With our established cost per charge, we can now explore the broader financial implications:

Weekly: £0.68

  [= 17 pence/charge x 4 charges/week\]

  [≈ 68 pence/week]

Monthly: £2.94

  [= 68 pence/week x 4.33 weeks/month\]

  [≈ £2.94/month

Yearly: £35.28

  [= £2.94/month x 12 months/year\]

  [≈ £35.28/year]

It’s worth noting that, while we’ve calculated an average here, the actual cost can vary based on model, usage, and electric tariff fluctuations. 

However, with these costs as a benchmark, not only are mobility scooters a vital lifeline but also a remarkably cost-efficient way to get around! With prices like that, why would you travel any other way?!

Additional Mobility Scooter Running Costs

In addition to the cost of charging your mobility scooter, here are a few other costs you may incur over the course of owning your vehicle:

  • Mobility Scooter Insurance: While not legally required, it is highly advisable to have a mobility scooter insurance in place to protect you, your scooter, and other members of the public while you’re out and about. Our mobility scooter insurance costs as little as £3.80 a month, safeguarding your independence.
  • Annual Service: It’s a good idea to have your mobility scooter serviced at least once a year in order to keep it running smoothly and avoid any unexpected incidents. The cost will differ depending on where you go, but seem to range between £75 – £180.
  • Replacements: At some point, you may have to replace your mobility scooter battery. Your battery’s lifespan will be between 18 months to 2 years, so plan ahead for this expense. A new battery will typically cost around £50, but again this will depend on your specific scooter.
  • Accessories: Some people like to purchase additional accessories for their mobility scooter, such as a rain cover, basket, or storage cover. Each item can range from £10 – £20 depending on what you opt for.

If you’d like details on our mobility scooter insurance, starting from just £3.80 a month, with no hidden fees or excess, then get a quote today.