How To Prevent Mobility Scooter Theft

Mobility scooters offer a vital lifeline to anyone struggling with their mobility. It seems staggering that anyone would stoop so low as to steal them and deprive their owners of this precious means of independence, but mobility scooter theft is becoming increasingly common- with more than 23,000 reported stolen over the last 18 months.

The reason is simple- as scooters become more advanced, they also become more valuable; and thus, attractive to thieves.

It is therefore important to consider taking precautions. If you take these preventative measures against theft, you can have peace of mind while out and about on your daily business. Here are our top tips to prevent mobility scooter theft…

National Mobility Register

Our National Mobility Scooter Security Database is completely free to join and a great way to increase the likelihood of being reunited with your scooter if it’s ever stolen.

Anyone with a mobility scooter can register for the database, and we’ll post you your stickers to apply to your scooter so that it can be identified in the event of a theft.

Have a secure ignition starter key

A mobility scooter with an ignition that requires a key offers more protection to the owner than one without a keyed ignition.

If your scooter doesn’t come with an ignition key, you can modify the scooter to accept one (although there are easier ways to secure it- more on those shortly!)

Many people forget to remove the key when popping into the shop, for example. A keyring bell can act as a handy reminder to remove it when you turn the scooter off

Invest in a wheel clamp or mobility scooter lock

Most scooters have a freewheel setting which, when activated, allows the motor to be pushed along. If you’re worried about your scooter being stolen, there are many wheel clamps on the market which can be placed on the wheels to lock them in place.

If you’re looking for a strong, affordable solution to keep your scooter safe from thieves (prices ranging from £10-£20), a wheel clamp or mobility scooter lock is perfect- especially if you leave it unattended in busy areas.

Another great option is a good quality bicycle or motorbike lock; these are both relatively inexpensive and can be easily attached to solid objects like fences or lamp posts.

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Fit a scooter alarm

A scooter alarm is a device that can be easily fitted to a scooter. Once activated, the scooter will sound the alarm if it is sat on or moved, which will attract attention to a thief and stop them from stealing the scooter.

Keep in a secure building

If your mobility scooter is portable, you usually can remove the battery and charge it at home. To recharge a 6-8 mph scooter, you’ll need an outdoor outlet or access to electricity inside a building.

Whatever your type of scooter, it’s important to keep it away from prying eyes.

If you don’t have the option to keep your bike in a shed or garage, make sure to lock it up and cover it, so it’s less likely to be stolen.

Alternate your parking habits

Even if you’re only scooting to the same destination, try and switch up your parking spot from time to time. As routine can be good for us, thieves are able to discern patterns easily and find potential targets for theft quickly. If possible,