Mobility Scooters, Road Tax and VAT Exemption

Mobility scooter in british town
There were some big changes to vehicle tax during 2014, notably the disappearance of the paper licence disc and the appearance of an automated tracking system called ANPR – automatic number plate recognition. One of the questions people have regarding the new system is how the changes relate to different types of vehicles, especially ‘alternative’ vehicles, such as mobility scooters.

Mobility scooters are exempt from paying vehicle tax if the maximum speed is 8mph on the road, and they are fitted with a device that limits the speed to 4mph on footways. states that even if you don’t have to pay vehicle tax, you still need to apply for vehicle tax. You register for nil value tax.

The UK government subsidises the lease of mobility scooters under the Motability Scheme. There are different mobility scooter classifications for legal purposes, and there are certain stipulations for each class, like the speed limit per scooter and age restrictions, such as Class 3 mobility scooters where you have to be over 14 years of age.

If you want to register and apply for registration of Class III Invalid Carriage (three-wheeled vehicle), you’ll need to fill in a V55/4 form for a new vehicle, or a V55/5 for a used vehicle. The forms are available from the DVLA online ordering service.