Self-Storage for Businesses: Benefits, Considerations, and Tips

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Self-storage isn’t just for people looking for a place to put old furniture and gardening equipment cluttering up the garage. It’s also an efficient solution for businesses in need of additional space to archive documents and office equipment.

Below, we’ve highlighted some key benefits of self-storage for businesses, some key considerations to take into account, and how you could use storage to elevate your businesses performance.


Benefits To Self-Storage:

More Space

The most obvious benefit to using a self-storage facility for your business is that it frees up space in your office. Whether you run a self-employed business from home or have a dedicated office space, documents, stock, and spare office equipment can quickly clutter up the space you work in.

Storage puts that extra clutter out of sight, while still keeping it secure. Some businesses even choose to largely operate from their storage unit.

Short-term commitment

Self-storage is often available for both long and short-term contracts. There’s no need to tie into a multi-year contract if you’re not sure how long you may need your storage unit for.

When compared with rental contracts for office space, self-storage allows you to keep your options open if you’re not 100% decided on what to do.


Most businesses have important documents that aren’t used every day but need to be kept for archiving purposes. Storage provides a secure way to store your documents without them cluttering up your working space.

Opt for a storage facility with CCTV, a fenced perimeter, and a manned presence for a secure place to store your important files. Read our guide to document storage for businesses for more.

Considerations For Businesses Using Storage Facilities:


Not all facilities are open 24/7. If you expect you’ll need to visit your unit frequently to access stock or documents, it’s a good idea to check the opening hours for the facility you’re looking at.

If you won’t be able to access your unit at times you predict you’ll be visiting, it may be a good idea to look at other facilities with more flexible opening times.

Privacy & GDPR

There are now strict laws as to how you handle personal information under the current GDPR, so it’s always a good idea to consider how you’re storing documents and how private they are. Will you be the only one with access to your unit? Is there a secure lock in place, an inventory, and CCTV to guard against theft?

When you’re storing sensitive documents, these considerations are particularly important.


Most storage facilities ask that you have self-storage insurance as a mandatory requirement. If your facility doesn’t ask this of you, you should definitely get an insurance policy to protect your business contents from things like theft, vandalism, and damage due to natural disasters. Read our article on how safe your items really are in storage for more.

99% of our customers save on their self-storage insurance when shopping with us over directly with a storage facility. We’ll provide you with an instant certificate with zero excess and no hidden fees, and you can calculate your quote based on the value of goods stored.

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