5 Packing Tips for Safely Putting Your Belongings into Storage

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There could be any number of reasons why you’re thinking about putting some belongings into storage. Even this guide, we’ll cover some key packing tips for putting your belongings into storage and keeping them safe when stored out of your home.

Perhaps you’re moving house, renovating, or downsizing. Perhaps you’re travelling abroad for a couple of months and need somewhere safe to put your furniture. Maybe you’re a student, or you just have too much clutter in your home that you’d like to empty out!

Self storage can give someone much needed breathing room when it comes to any major move.  You may think that everything needs to be done straight away but realistically, there just aren’t enough hours in the day, which is why storing your documents, furniture or any other possessions you want to keep hold of for now can be a great help.

Whether you are moving your home or need storage for your business equipment, self-storage can provide you with some much-needed breathing room. Self-storage facilities provide an “in-between” solution so you can safely store your furniture, household goods or documentation, so you don’t need to rush around moving things from A to B.  Instead, you can make sure everything is organised properly and take your time. 

What You’ll Need to Pack Your Belongings Safely for Storage

Whether you’re planning on storing your things for just a couple of weeks or for a more long-term period, packing them safely is essential for keeping them safe, dry, and undamaged.

A few essential items you’ll need include:

How to Safely Pack for Storage

Believe it or not, there’s a wrong way and a right way to store your items. This is both in terms of making the most of the space you have, and ensuring that you don’t come back to a unit full of broken, mouldy, or damaged things!

Some good tips for storing your items safely include:

How to Choose a Secure Storage Facility

There are numerous storage facilities around, some better than others. Finding the best self-storage solution for your personal requirements can be surprisingly difficult as there is so much to take into consideration.

Whatever storage facility you decide to use make sure that you find one that ticks all the boxes when it comes to your requirements: 

Our self-storage insurance is up to three times cheaper than most insurance policies offered directly by self-storage units, and can be tailored to ensure that you’re paying to cover the exact value of your items stored away – no more and no less.