Another Storage Unit Fire Highlights Lack of Insurance

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The consequences of fire, flooding, and other natural disasters can be devastating for anyone who has entrusted their possessions to a self-storage facility.

In 2019, we reported on three storage facility fires in as many years in the UK, highlighting the importance of thoroughly vetting any facility you use and taking the steps necessary to protect your possessions in storage.

Customers have been left devastated after a fire at Tameside Self Storage, Manchester, destroyed hundreds of storage units.

The blaze, which broke out at the weekend and was finally brought under control on Sunday around 21.30, has left many fearing that their entire belongings have been completely wiped out.

It has been reported that the fire took a total of 25 fire engines and three aerial appliances to put it out after plumes of smoke were first reported being seen over the M60 and M67. Homes nearby were temporarily evacuated, although residents have now been able to return home.

Customers of the facility have been sharing their experiences on the Tameside Self Storage Facebook page, with one man commenting “My entire life is in that unit, I’ve lost everything, pictures, thousands of pounds worth of stuff for my new house!”

A poll on a Facebook group created for those affected by the fire showed that a large majority of customers believed they were insured by the company’s ‘free insurance’ offer, something that now appears to be under question.

At Surewise, our hearts go out to those who have lost items in the fire and we can assure our customers who have been affected by this incident with a policy with us will be handled ASAP.

Insurance for fire and other natural disasters

Of course, accidents happen, and while you can never fully guarantee that your belongings are 100% safe when in storage, you can ensure that the replacement value of the items stored is at least covered by your insurance policy.

If you would like to ensure your items are properly covered, here are a few essential steps to keep in mind:

Choosing a safe self-storage facility

In regards to the Tameside Self-Storage facility, in particular, it’s unlikely that the cause of the fire will be revealed for several weeks when the fire services have filed a complete report.

More generally speaking, vetting your storage facility should be an essential part of hiring a unit. Ideally, you will be able to view a facility in person to make sure they have the appropriate security and safety features in place to keep your items safe and alert the relevant authorities as soon as possible in case of an emergency.

Here are a few things to look for when viewing a self-storage facility:

Viewing the site yourself will help you verify how up-to-date these features are too – keep in mind that a facility that opened 20 years ago will need to have upgraded its systems on a regular basis to stay secure.

In-house insurance vs third-party insurance providers

In an investigation conducted by Telegraph Money, it was revealed that 99% of self-storage insurance customers can save up to three times as much on their insurance with a third-party provider such as Surewise instead of buying their policy directly with their storage facility.

Not only can we offer more affordable insurance, our quote tool guides you through every step of the process to guarantee that you know what you are covered for, how much coverage you need, and what you are not covered for.

Taking this additional step will help you verify that the policy you have actually covers the items you have in storage.

Many self-storage facilities ask customers to have storage insurance as a mandatory requirement, but this is something you should have in place whether the company recommends it or not. Don’t take the risk with your belongings.