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7 Quickest Washing Machines

Appliance Insurance Articles Posted on by Sandy Cosser

Missing socks. How is that you put two in and only one ever comes out?! Some swear that socks that go missing from your washing machine turn into Tupperware lids. Which, of course, makes perfect sense. But once we have made peace with the fact that socks will indeed go missing, the question is: Which […] Read More

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Washing Machine Energy Ratings

Appliance Insurance Articles Posted on by Richard Hannan

In 2014, washing machine energy ratings in the UK were revamped. The new ratings go from A+++ (most efficient) to A (least efficient). It’s worth noting, however, that some older washing machine model that are on the market still carry the old EU ratings, which go from A+++ (most efficient)  to D (least efficient). The […] Read More

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Should You Buy a Washer-Dryer Combo?

Appliance Insurance Articles Posted on by Richard Hannan

It’s time to replace your washing machine and your dryer’s on its last legs too. You’re thinking about a washer-dryer combo but you’re not sure if it’s a good buy. It sounds like the laundry solution from heaven but it also strikes you as a bit of a gimmick so you’re not completely convinced. We […] Read More

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Top Washer Dryers with Child Locks

Appliance Insurance Articles Posted on by Richard Hannan

Child locks in dryers have two purposes really – they lock the door of the machine which prevents any child climbing into the drum and accidentally locking themselves in when the machine is out of action. The second purpose is to stop a little one – or anyone else for that matter – changing the […] Read More

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Most Reliable Washer Dryers

Appliance Insurance Articles Posted on by Richard Hannan

When it comes to the day-to-day functioning of the bigger white goods in your kitchen, your washer dryer is unfortunately the item most likely to stop working, burst a leak or become blocked. Why is that, we wonder? One of the reasons, we reckon, is because we use our washer dryers so much – machines […] Read More