Over 80s Home Insurance: What To Consider

Whether you still live at home or in a warden-patrolled residence, home insurance is something to consider no matter your circumstances. If you aren’t sure whether you need it, this guide will take you through just what home insurance is and how it can help you. if you’re over 80.

What is home insurance? 

Home insurance is typically divided into two categories, buildings insurance and contents insurance. Building insurance covers the structure of your property and any permanent fixtures in the home. Contents insurance covers your belongings and items in both house and outbuildings. 

If you live in rented accommodation, contents-only insurance is typically required, as your landlord covers the building. Other types of insurance are available, including personal possessions and emergency home cover. These are specialist additions that will enhance your cover. 

Why do I need home insurance? 

Although home insurance is not a legal requirement in the UK, it does provide peace of mind if anything should happen to your property or belongings. 

Insurance is in place to help you to mitigate loss or accidental damage to your property or individual items. Replacing lost or stolen belongings is upsetting and costly, and having insurance will make this process a little simpler. 

What’s different for the over 80s?

There are several factors to consider when selecting home insurance in your mature years. If your home has been adapted to meet mobility needs, for example, installing a stairlift, these areas may be covered on your policy to assist if they become damaged. 

The value of items in your home is also a factor in the level of cover you receive on your policy. Over 80s may be offered a higher amount of contents cover to reflect the value of possessions that are collected over a lifetime. Buildings insurance also takes into account the value of the property and the costs potentially involved to repair, replace, or rebuild it in the event of flood, fire, or other disasters.

Get the right amount of cover

Choosing the right level of cover is essential. You’ve probably collected a lot of things in your lifetime and have treasured memories that would be hard to replace. So, it’s vital to ensure you have extra peace of mind if the worst were to happen. When considering home insurance, think about the value of individual items and make sure that everything is covered. 

Some examples of the type of cover included are new for old replacements, garden contents, fridge and freezer contents, and money in the home. Buildings cover may also include emergency accommodation if needed. 

Alongside looking for a policy that covers the value you need, it’s vital to watch out for high excesses and exclusions on personal items. There are different levels of cover, and insurers have a variety of optional extras to consider. 

Choosing the right home insurance product for your needs can be overwhelming. Still, with specialist advice, the process is simple and easy to navigate. Protecting your property and belongings is essential to have ultimate peace of mind. Comparing insurance options will also give highly competitive products to make the best choice for your needs.