Leaving Your Mobility Scooter Safely Outside a Shop

Leaving Your Mobility Scooter Safely Outside a Shop

The ability to easily access shops with your mobility scooter is one of the biggest conveniences. However, leaving your scooter unattended outside a shop can leave it exposed to thieves looking for a quick steal.

However, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of your scooter being taken or damaged while you pop into a store or appointment.

Take Your Keys With You

One of the most basic things you can do is take your scooter keys with you. Don’t leave them in the ignition or in a compartment on the scooter itself. Keep them in your pocket or bag so a thief can’t simply hop on and drive away. Taking the keys turns a quick scooter theft into a much more difficult proposition.

Use a Mobility Scooter Alarm

Investing in a good scooter alarm can act as a strong deterrent against potential thieves. The loud noise will draw attention and send criminals looking for an easier target. Just be sure to activate the alarm whenever you park your scooter. There are various alarm models to choose from, so look for one with features like motion sensors, remote fobs, and battery backup.

Invest in a Tracking Device

A tracking device is another option that can help recover your scooter if it does go missing. The device is discretely attached to the scooter and allows you to track the location via an app on your smartphone or computer. This makes it much easier for police to locate the scooter and catch the criminals. Alternatively, if you favour Apple products an AirTag is an easy and cost-effective way to be able to track your scooter. You can place the AirTag somewhere on your scooter, this can either be under the seat, in a bag on your scooter or in another discreet location. When fitting a device it is important to make them as hidden as possible to ensure a thief won’t be aware and dispose of them to avoid being caught.

Use a Wheel Clamp or Lock

For added security, invest in a good wheel clamp or lock. These physically immobilize the scooter, preventing thieves from being able to move or roll it away. Just be sure the clamp or lock you choose is made of hardened steel that can’t easily be cut through with standard tools. Taking the time to properly clamp both wheels will keep your scooter safely in place until you return.

Keep Your Scooter Within Sight

When possible, try to park your scooter somewhere you’ll be able to keep an eye on it through the window of the store. Whether it’s inside the entrance or just around the corner, keeping it within sight removes the opportunity for thieves to take it without being seen. If you can’t see your scooter directly, try parking it in a busy, well-lit area covered by security cameras.

Change Your Routines

Criminals often scout for targets and look for patterns in people’s habits. Vary where you park your scooter and mix up the times you visit different locations. Don’t make it easy for thieves by having a predictable routine. Keep them guessing by changing the time and location to reduce the chance your scooter will be specifically targeted.

Be Careful Not to Leave Belongings on Display

Avoid leaving personal belongings, packages, or bags visibly stored in your scooter’s basket. Thieves may be tempted to grab them even if they don’t take the scooter itself. Keep any items out of sight or take them with you when possible.

Take Out Mobility Scooter Insurance

Even if you take all the above precautions, there is still a chance your unattended mobility scooter may be damaged or stolen. Without insurance coverage, you could be saddled with costly repairs or even replacement costs. Purchasing a policy to protect your investment is the best way to safeguard against unexpected expenses if something happens to your scooter when parked outside a shop or business. 

Taking a few sensible precautions can help minimize the risk when temporarily leaving your mobility scooter unattended. Always be alert and aware of your surroundings, trust your instincts, and take steps to maximize security.

Please note: Surewise policies will insure your scooter up to one hour outside a shop unattended.

For additional peace of mind, mobility scooter insurance provides cover for things such as theft, vandalism, and accidental damage. Find out more and get a quote today, starting from as little as £3.80 a month.