Mobility Scooter Insurance

Cover includes

  • Theft, Vandalism & Accidental Damage
  • Third Party Liability & Legal Expenses
  • Multiple Riders & No Age Limit
  • No Hidden Fees & No Excess

From just £3.80/month

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Mobility Scooter Insurance

Our Mobility Scooter Insurance policies provide insurance protection for accidental damage, theft or loss, third-party liability, personal accidents, as well as mobility scooter breakdown and recovery, plus much more. We cover both new and second-hand scooters with multiple riders permitted, offering 24/7 recovery assistance and puncture care available. You can choose to pay monthly or annually.

There are no excess payments on any of our mobility scooter insurance policies and no hidden fees. There’s no age limit on the rider, and we cover the scooter, not the rider, so multiple drivers are covered.

We also cover a wide range of mobility scooters, from portable and class 2 mobility scooters to 3-wheeled, tandem and class 3 mobility scooters. Also included in these policies are elements of our Wheelchair Insurance, providing additional cover for your manual wheelchair without additional cost.

We give customers the option to pay monthly for mobility scooter insurance starting at £3.80 per month or make additional savings by paying an annual price of £38.

Our Mobility Scooter Insurance and breakdown cover protects you against the common problems that come with owning a Mobility Scooter, protecting you from unexpected costs, safeguarding your freedom and preserving your independence.

So, whether you own a 2nd hand mobility scooter or a brand new one, you can live life confidently knowing that our policies have you and your scooter covered.

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Do I Need Mobility Scooter Insurance?

While Mobility Scooter Insurance may not be a legal requirement in the UK, it is strongly recommended by the Department for Transport. Having insurance ensures that you can use your mobility scooter every day, knowing that you have cover for your personal safety, that of others, and for your scooter itself.

The Department for Transport states: “it is strongly advised that people take out mobility scooter insurance to cover personal safety, other people’s safety and the value of the vehicle.” advise, “Although insurance for mobility scooters or powerchairs is not a legal requirement, it is highly recommended. “

What’s more, mobility scooter insurance offers the user protection from financial liability in the event of an accident as well as associated costs should your mobility scooter breakdown, be damaged or be stolen.

Why Choose Surewise?


Our Prices

Along with looking after your claims, being able to offer the most comprehensive cover at the lowest price is our top priority.


Our Product

We have a very close relationship with our underwriters sagic, which allows us to create specialist insurance products to meet your needs and to provide an ethical claims-handling process.



We don’t believe our customers should be charged for amending or cancelling their policies. We offer pro-rata refunds, so you can cancel your policy within a minimum of 30 days’ notice and receive a refund.


Easy Payment Options

You have the option to pay with credit or debit cards, including American Express, by Google Pay or Apple Pay, and either online or by telephone. You can decide whether to pay for your policy annually or with monthly payments.


At Your Service

We have a dedicated team of customer service agents based here at our headquarters in Essex, so you can talk to an expert about your policy before or after taking out your policy.

How Much Does Our Mobility Scooter Insurance Cost?

From £3.80

a month

  • Third-Party Liability up to £2M
  • Personal Accident up to £3000
  • Personal Effects up to £250
  • Mobility Scooter hire whilst your scooter is being repaired up to £10 per day.
  • International Cover 90 days per year (excluding North America and Canada).
  • Legal Expenses up to £100,000
  • Recovery Costs after an insured event
  • Plus More (See policy wording for full details)

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From £6.40

a month

  • Third-Party Liability up to £2M
  • Personal Accident up to £3000
  • Personal Effects up to £250
  • Mobility Scooter hire whilst your scooter is being repaired up to £10 per day.
  • International Cover 90 days per year (excluding North America and Canada).
  • Legal Expenses up to £100,000
  • 24/7 Recovery service available within a 20 mile radius of your home or holiday accommodation!
  • Plus More (See policy wording for full details)

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From £7.80

a month

  • Third-Party Liability up to £2M
  • Personal Accident up to £3000
  • Personal Effects up to £250
  • Mobility Scooter hire whilst your scooter is being repaired up to £10 per day.
  • International Cover 90 days per year (excluding North America and Canada).
  • Legal Expenses up to £100,000
  • 24/7 Recovery service available within a 20 mile radius of your home or holiday accommodation
  • Puncture Care Cover
  • Key Cover
  • Plus More (See policy wording for full details)

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Please note these prices are based on a scooter up the value of £500. We offer policies on scooters up to the value of £15,000.

Here’s a short introduction to our policy

If you cannot see the video, please click here.

What Is Covered By Our Mobility Scooter Insurance?

What Is Not Covered?

  • Wear and tear
  • Batteries
  • Vehicles which are capable of exceeding 8mph (unless a limiter has been fitted)
  • Mobility scooters that are stored uncovered outside overnight even if locked and secured

It is important to note there is a 7-day waiting period (moratorium) from your start date before you are able to make a claim on your mobility scooter insurance policy.

Can I customise my mobility scooter insurance policy?

We understand that not every customer will have the same needs, that’s why we take pride in ensuring that our customers are catered for with the best cover to suit them. We cover an extensive range of scooters, and our cover levels are based on the value of your scooter, protecting you from paying extra for cover that you don’t need.

In order to make sure your policy is the best price, we allow you to set the exact value of your scooter up to a figure of £15,000.

Your policy can then have further additions such as…

Puncture Care to cover the cost of tyre repair or replacement caused by accidental or malicious damage, with reimbursement for UK call-out costs also included.

Breakdown Cover and Recovery to protect you against unexpected breakdowns and provide a recovery vehicle, 24/7 365 days a year.  Please note that all of our policies provide cover for breakdown and recovery costs after an insured event, however, without our optional full Breakdown and Recovery extra, you are expected to arrange this yourself.

Key Cover to cover the cost of replacement keys or locksmith assistance for your scooter, home and car key.

Extended Mobility Scooter Warranty

If you know the year your Mobility Scooter was made, your scooter is under 4 years old and no longer covered under the manufacturer warranty, we can provide you with Extended Warranty!

This product covers the unexpected costs if your scooter has an electrical or mechanical failure. By extending your warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that costly repairs are no longer something you need to worry about!

Please note: This does not include wear and tear or battery-related issues.

Comparing Mobility Scooter Insurance and Breakdown Cover

When you’re looking for insurance for mobility scooters, it’s advisable to compare mobility scooter insurance providers to make sure you have the right cover and the correct cover for your needs.

We believe that we have the most competitive and best cover available, but we also have a price match guarantee as detailed below in case you find otherwise and would still like to insure with us and use sagic (The Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation) as your underwriter.  Sagic’s profits are returned to The Salvation Army to help their charitable works supporting those in need.

Because Disability Scooter Insurance is a specialist insurance product for a smaller market, it is not usually available on insurance comparison websites such as Compare the Market and Money Supermarket.  Similarly, Age UK, Saga, Direct Line, The AA and other large insurers and charities do not provide specialist insurance cover for mobility scooters.  Some may include cover within their home insurance policies but you should be careful to make sure extras such as puncture care, breakdown and travel cover are included if you need them as most do not include this.

Fish Mobility Scooter Insurance, along with Blue Badge, ETA, Chartwell and Premier Care (or Mark Bates) do provide specialist cover.  These brands may have mobility scooter insurance UK comparison tables or advertise that they have the cheapest product but it’s very important to check that these tables have the latest prices and correct cover levels as many have not been updated.

It is important to note that these brands may also charge for cancellations and amendments. However, we don’t believe in charging for these extras and we are happy to make any amendments or cancellations free of charge.

We believe that we provide the best cover at the lowest prices with the best underwriter but please let us know if you think otherwise and we’ll price match for you.

Your Price Match Guarantee

We offer much more than just great prices, but we don’t want price to be a reason you shop elsewhere.

At Surewise, we believe that our Mobility Scooter insurance is the best value cover on the market.

We promise that we will match the cheapest mobility scooter insurance, with the same level of cover, that you can find – even up to 7 days after your purchase.

All you need to do is make a note of the supplier, its price and the cover you want us to match. We will verify and match the price there and then for you.

To benefit from this please contact us through our help centre.

Price promise terms and conditions

  1. We’ll match our competitor’s website UK price
  2. The competitor’s product must provide the same level of cover as ours, be offered on the same terms, and be purchasable online.
  3. We will price match up to 7 days after your purchase
  4. We must be able to verify the competitor’s price and cover levels
  5. We’ll match the price of a product; not other charges or other services, and a discount must not have been provided
  6. Cannot be used with any other offer

What Types Of Mobility Scooters Do You Cover?

Our Underwriters

Our mobility scooter insurance is underwritten by The Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation Ltd (sagic). Sagic are owned by The Salvation Army and support the diverse work of the renowned global charity. This means when you buy a policy, you will help fund vital community projects across the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, your battery is not covered under our insurance policy. Batteries are also excluded from our Extended Warranty cover.

Proof of purchase can be accepted in the form of the original receipt or invoice. Alternatively, if you are unable to provide either of these we will also accept a photo of the scooter at the time of purchasing insurance.

We understand that people have different needs and budgets when it comes to insurance, so we offer a variety of flexible policies and pricing options. The best mobility scooter insurance policy is one that gives the user peace of mind to continue using their scooter stress free.

You are covered for 90 days to take your scooter abroad, this includes if your scooter breaks down. You can claim back the recovery costs. Please note, that this cover excludes North America and Canada.

The Surewise National Scooter Database is a comprehensive registry designed to safeguard scooter owners. By registering your scooter with this database, you enhance the chances of recovering your scooter if it is lost or stolen. The database stores important information about your scooter, such as its make, model, and serial number, making it easier for authorities and insurance companies to verify ownership and assist in its recovery.

Once registered on the National Scooter Database you will be sent two stickers in the post to attach/stick onto a visible part of your scooter. These stickers will show that you are insured by Surewise and display a number to call in the event that your scooter is recovered after being lost or stolen.

You will need to register your mobility scooter with the DVLA if it is a Class 3 scooter and has a maximum speed of 8mph. You will then be issued with a tax disc (this is ‘nil duty’ which means you don’t have to pay road tax), the law changed in October 2014, and it is no longer a legal requirement for you to display this on your mobility scooter.

Puncture Care is offered as an additional extra. This covers the cost of puncture repair or tyre replacement and also covers the cost of call-out fees. You are entitled to £95 per claim, and a maximum of £300 per year.

Please have your policy number to hand before contacting the claims team. Your policy number is displayed on your confirmation email/letter and your certificate of insurance.
When making a claim it’s the policy holders responsibility to provide supporting evidence to proceed with a claim as well as a quote or an engineer report if required.

Mobility Scooter Claims
You must notify us as soon as possible and within 31 days after any incident that is likely to result in a claim.
In the event of a claim you will need to provide the following additional information:
– Make
-Year of Manufacturer
-Proof of Purchase
-For proof of purchase we will accept a photo of your vehicle or purchase invoice.

Contact details for Surewise claims team.
-Email: [email protected]
-Telephone: 01268 200 020

Yes, however, the add-on/attachment is only covered while it’s attached to the wheelchair. If the attachment is stolen on its own, unfortunately, we are not able to cover it.

Our policies will allow any rider to be insured on the mobility scooter as we insure the scooter, not the individual rider. As long as they have the policyholder’s permission.

Yes, your scooter will be covered if it is left in your car as long as it’s out of sight (for example, hidden with a blanket in a locked car).

Our Breakdown recovery service is offered as an additional extra. If this option is included, you will be provided with a direct telephone number for our third-party recovery company, Autohome. They will arrange to recover you and your scooter and get you back home or to a local repair shop if you were to break down. There is no excess or call out costs. This service covers you for breakdowns that may occur within a 20-mile radius of your home address. If you are on holiday within the UK and Channel Islands this cover still applies from
your accommodation address.

Our Mobility Scooter policies provide a maximum of 90 days of cover whilst you are abroad (excluding North America and Canada) with your scooter.

Unfortunately, the recovery service will only cover you within the UK. So whilst on holiday in the UK we will provide recovery services to your accommodation or vehicle within a 10 mile radius.

In the event of a breakdown, providing that you have paid the additional premium for the breakdown and recovery service, you must call AutoHome Recovery on 01604 640922 (or for those with hearing difficulties, please text 07795650562).

If you do not have the added recovery service, in the event of a breakdown, you must arrange to get yourself and the scooter home. If the breakdown is due to an insured event, such as an accident, then please inform the claims team, and you will be reimbursed for your travel up to the cover limit on the policy. However, if the breakdown was not due to an insured event unfortunately this is not covered by our policy (please refer to your policy wording for the full terms and conditions).

Key cover is offered as an additional extra. This covers the cost of replacement keys or locksmith assistance for your mobility scooter, home and car keys. It also covers the reprogramming of key fobs. This is covered up to £1,000.

Yes, we will pay a maximum amount not exceeding the market value in respect of damage to the insured item whilst in the possession or control of airport authorities, baggage handlers or whilst on an aircraft which is limited to the difference between the amount received from the baggage handler and the cost of repair or replacement.

No, we do not cover electric e-scooters under any of our policies.

Electrical and mechanical faults are excluded from our mobility scooter policies. However, if your scooter is under 4 years old and out of the manufacturer’s warranty then you can choose to add on our Extended Warranty extra. This will allow you to claim for electrical or mechanical faults and get you back on the road!

Provided you have entered your scooter’s manufacture date and it is under 4 years and out of your manufactures warranty, you should find this in the ‘Extras’ section of the booking journey. If you can’t see Extended Warranty as an option this could be because you haven’t entered the year of manufacture or it is deemed too old of a scooter.

If your mobility scooter was to spontaneously catch fire and cause damage, your Surewise policy will cover the damage to the scooter, however, it will not cover the damage to the property. In that scenario, the fire damage would typically be covered by the building insurance that your housing provider should have. Alternatively, you may need to file a claim directly with the manufacturer of the scooter, as the spontaneous combustion could be considered a product defect or malfunction.

The only instance that there is a limit on how many times Autohome will recover you is for a battery-related issue. Other than that you have unlimited call outs.

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