Why Self-Storage Is The Ideal Solution for the Newly Retired and Your Belongings

Many people currently see self-storage as a temporary solution for holding their possessions while renovating, moving house, or when you’re in need of freeing up some extra space in your home.

However, with many affordable options, self-storage is actually ideal for more long-term use, and for the newly retired, it offers an ideal solution for any life changes you may choose to make.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the top reasons self-storage could be a great option for you if you’re retired.

Protection from Theft and Fire

Self-storage provides a safe and secure place to store your valuable items if you’re worried about them being stolen or damaged in your own home.

Whether you are out the house frequently, or just worried about the safety of your belongings, most storage facilities are manned 24/7 with CCTV, locked gates, and security to ensure no authorised people get on-site.

What’s more, our storage insurance covers the value of your belongings so that if anything were to get accidentally damaged or even stolen, you’re covered.

More Room If You’re Down-Sizing

It’s not uncommon to downsize once you’ve retired, whether that’s because you need less space or because a smaller home is easier to maintain.

However, you may not want to part ways with all of your belongings just because you’re moving into a smaller home – and storage is the perfect solution to keeping your things safe without taking up valuable space in your home.

Keep Your Items Safe When Travelling

No more work means a lot more spare time – and many newly retired couples make plans to see more of the world.

If you’re concerned about the belongings you’ll be leaving behind while you travel, opting to keep them in an affordable self-storage unit will give you the added peace of mind that your possessions are safe and secure at home.

At Surewise.com, we pride ourselves on providing affordable storage insurance to cover you against a range of unexpected incidents, from fire and flooding to theft.

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