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10 Troubleshooting Tips for iPad Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

The iPad is an extremely convenient device for checking your email and social networking accounts, as well as for catching up on your daily reading. This is why it is frustrating when your iPad does not connect to the home Wi-Fi network, or when you experience inordinately slow internet speeds on the iPad. If you […]

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10 Tips for iPhones not Showing in iTunes

iTunes is an important way to sync and back up your iPhone data. Therefore, your iPhone not showing up in iTunes can be a real problem. If your iPhone is not being recognised in iTunes, try the following troubleshooting steps: Ensure that your iPhone is properly connected to your computer. Check for the battery charge […]

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How to Fix a Frozen iPhone

A troubleshooting guide for resolving a frozen iPhone Having your iPhone get stuck or frozen can be frustrating. Try these simple troubleshooting tips to fix the problem. Restart the phone: Press the on/off button for 10 seconds until the red slider appears. Slide the screen for the phone to switch it off. Restart the phone […]

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