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How to Choose an Electrician

When some electrical wiring in your home goes phut, it can be quite tempting to try a quick DIY fix using pliers and insulation tape. This is, of course, an exceptionally bad idea because not only could you bring down your house’s whole electrical system but you could also die (according to Electrical Safety First, […]

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Landlord Mistakes You Should Never Make

When it comes to being a landlord, a lot of responsibility rests on your shoulders – not only do you need to keep good tenants in your property, you need to ensure the house is maintained well and make sure you put measures in place to prevent the tenants from damaging your property. In short, […]

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Help! My Tenant won’t let me onto the Property

If you need to gain access to your rented property for any given reason, for example, to do a gas certificate or to show potential new tenants the property, but your tenant does not grant you permission to enter, you first need to get permission from the tenant and until given you are not legally […]

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What to do if Tenants Damage your Property

Normally you will request a deposit before your tenant moves in. This is to cover damage to any part of your property. This could include damage through negligence such as burns on the carpets. Another example is painting the walls bright colours and then not restoring them to their original colour before they leave. However, […]

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What to do if your Tenants won’t Pay the Rent

When you buy to let, the benefits seem obvious: the rental income will pay off the mortgage, and after a given time frame you will receive a healthy supplement to your income from your additional property or properties. However, letting out a property can equally be a nightmarish experience which results in you losing money […]

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Will your Insurance pay for Storm Damage to your Roof?

Storm damage has been a regular topic in the news in the UK over the past few months, particularly in the south of England. As a result insurance claims have been multiplying, mostly through water damage. However although it’s been mostly the foundations of homes and furniture that’s been damaged by the storms that cause […]

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