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Make Appliances Last for the Environment’s Sake

Appliance Insurance Articles Posted on by Richard Hannan

Rapid technological advancement has many benefits, but there are also disadvantages to our unquenchable material thirst. The negative environmental impact, for example, is a major cause of concern. In an effort to reverse the damage, the German Environment Agency (UBA) has recommended a minimum lifespan for electrical appliances. The UBA has also recommended consumers make more […] Read More

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Pointless Gadgets You Certainly Own (and some you probably don’t)

Gadgets: We love ‘em. We like the way they make our lives easier. And the way they save time. And the way they save on manual labour. We just plain love ‘em. And sometimes, the best gadgets are the pointless gadgets. If we’re brutally honest, however, do they really save time? Are they really convenient? Do […] Read More