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Why does Your Fridge Freezer Blow its Fuse?

Appliance Insurance Articles Posted on by Richard Hannan

Like all electrical appliances, your fridge is vulnerable to the whims of electricity. This means that you can occasionally expect your fridge freezer to blow its fuse. Your fridge’s fuse can blow due to any the following reasons: A power surge causes a temporary increase in the electricity travelling through the circuit. Some fuses are […] Read More

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Top 10 Fridge Freezer Best Buys

Appliance Insurance Articles Posted on by Richard Hannan

Fridge freezers are becoming ever more sophisticated these days with special features such as thermostatically controlled crisper drawers and the ability to withstand a power cut for more than 24 hours. Many are frost-free too while just about all that made our top 10 boast of excellent temperature control. And indeed, this is our pick […] Read More

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Top 10 Fridge Freezers Under £200

Appliance Insurance Articles Posted on by Richard Hannan

If you have a limited budget and feel that you really need more fridge and freezer space, then you’re probably expecting to have to do an awful lot of research. But don’t despair – we’ve already done a lot of that for you to the extent that we’ve listed here the best value fridge freezers we […] Read More

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5 Reasons Why Your Freezer Keeps Defrosting

Home Emergency Articles Posted on by Richard Hannan

Most freezer models today have a self-defrost option, i.e., the freezer defrosts periodically without any action on the part of the owner. But if you notice that your freezer keeps defrosting more often than normal, and fails to keep food frozen, it may be due to the following reasons. 1) Incorrect thermostat settings Sometimes the […] Read More

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Top 5 Mini Bar Fridges

Appliance Insurance Articles Posted on by Richard Hannan

While mini bar fridges might bring back memories of university dorms, they are actually really great mini storage options for the home or workplace, even if they come with a few caveats. For example, most bar fridges use more energy in proportion to large fridges – so think about getting the largest one for your […] Read More

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5 Simple Checks for Freezer not Freezing

Appliance Insurance Articles Posted on by Richard Hannan

Having your kitchen freezer break down can be expensive both with regard to the frozen food that spoils and the cost of having your freezer repaired. If your freezer suddenly stops working or becomes ineffective, perform the following quick checks: Check for excessive ice in the freezer: Excessive ice in the freezer prevents the cold […] Read More

6 Causes For Beeping Fridge

Appliance Insurance Articles Posted on by Richard Hannan

You know your refrigerator is in perfect working order when it is not making any noise. On the other hand, a beeping sound indicates that something is wrong with the appliance. It could be a minor problem that you can resolve in minutes, or something far more complex that needs professional attention. The first thing […] Read More