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How To Use & Pay for Tolls Roads in France

Car Warranty Articles Posted on by Simon Purnell

Read below for our guide on how to pay French toll roads UK residents now enjoy access to the Telepeage transponder for automatic payments on French toll roads, which was previously not available to them. This means you easily skip the tollgate queues by driving straight through. In some cases, the barrier rises on your […] Read More

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What Do We Really Need From Smartcars?

Car Warranty Articles Posted on by Simon Purnell

Cars are getting smarter all the time, with self-drive cars becoming more ‘self-drivable’. At this year’s annual International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, automotive technology had (ahem) poll position with manufacturers and tech suppliers promoting new developments that could be coming soon to a dashboard near you. Let’s look at some examples: According […] Read More

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What You Need to Know About Smart Motorways

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Everything is ‘smart’ these days – smartphones, smart watches and of coarse smart motorways! Motorists have had to contend with smart motorways since 2006, when the M42 (junctions 4 to 7) was upgraded. Now the country is peppered with them and there are more on the way thanks to the recently announced Road Investment Strategy. […] Read More

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Don’t Cycle Furiously While Drunk

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Motorists and cyclists aren’t always bound by the same road rules, nor are the penalties always similar. But sometimes the rules apply to both and cyclists who ignore those rules do so at their peril. For example, it is illegal to ride your bike while under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. It’s also […] Read More

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Driver and Cyclist Safety Tips

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When they’re on the road, drivers and cyclists aren’t particularly fond of each other. They each view the other as a menace and claim the other hogs the road without due respect and consideration. The problem for cyclists is that they always come off second best when they have altercations with cars. At least 100 […] Read More

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Cycle Lanes Explained for Your Safety

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Unless you make a conscious effort to learn the different road signs that apply to cyclists, chances are good that you’re a little confused by what they all mean, especially when it comes to cycle lanes and sharing lanes with motor vehicles and pedestrians. We look at the different types of cycle lanes in the […] Read More