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How To Use & Pay for Tolls Roads in France

Car Warranty Posted on by Simon Purnell

Read below for our guide on how to pay French toll roads UK residents now enjoy access to the Telepeage transponder for automatic payments on French toll roads, which was previously not available to them. This means you easily skip the tollgate queues by driving straight through. In some cases, the barrier rises on your […] Read More

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Top Tips to Buy a Car

Car Warranty Posted on by Simon Purnell

Buying a car is not as straightforward as, “Ooh, I like the look of that, where can I get one?” There a lot of decisions involved. The very first being whether you’re going to buy a new or used car. Your financial situation will obviously play a major role in this decision, but there are […] Read More

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What’s the Story with Self-Driving Cars?

Car Warranty Posted on by Simon Purnell

Self-driving cars are very sci-fi. Well, they were very science-fiction until Google started working on making them sci-fact! Google announced that it was working on a self-drive car in 2010, but the pace has picked up over the past year or so, with several other car manufacturers getting in on the action. Nissan, for example, […] Read More