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Simple Tips on How to Cut The Costs on Your Insurance Premiums Insurance premiums take a chunk out of your wallet over time. But they pale in comparison to the loss you’d suffer for being uninsured in the event of an accident or theft. Insurance is worth the price, especially as certain types are required by law. […]

Storage Insurance Scandal | Save Three Times More on Storage Insurance with Surewise

Research from ProInsight recently revealed that customers are paying three times more for storage insurance directly through storage providers than they are with online competitors such as

How to pack your clothes for storage: a total guide

Are you preparing to put your clothing into storage? Follow these tips to ensure your clothes stay fresh and ready for wearing, and avoid pests, mildew, and improper storage from ruining them.

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Brokers Beat The Comparison Sites for EU Insurance Consumers The last few years have seen a steady increase in the number of price comparison websites. These provide a simple way to compare prices of various products or services from different suppliers. This is meant to save you time because they do the legwork for you. […]

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Student Insurance: Why it’s Important & Your Options Student insurance is not something that many university-goers think about. There’s just too much going on in their lives for student insurance to even get a look in. Their parents should consider insurance, however. After all, they’re sending their grown up bundles of joy into the world with […]

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White Lies Won’t Kill Your Insurance Claims The Supreme High Court has made a decision that could be a blow to insurers and insurance policy holders alike. Actually, whether it’s helps or hinders insurance policy holders depends on where you sit on insurance claims. If you’re prone to little white lies, or don’t always pay […]

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How Sure are We About the Insurance Act of 2015? The Insurance Act of 2015, which comes into effect in 2016, has been variously described as the greatest change to insurance laws in the last 100 years, the greatest change in more than a century and the greatest change since 1766. Regardless of which timeline […]

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Discover Why Insurance Claims Get Denied The ABI recently released revealing statistics on why insurance claims are denied. Specifically, they reveal a lot of different factors that affect claims for different types of insurance policies. According to the ABI, one in five home insurance claims is turned down and 23% of travel claims are denied. […]