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Easy Peasy Tips for Home Improvements that Save Money On Your Energy Bill Living can be expensive. When we think about the costs of everyday living we need to consider the cost of food, travel, rent and then bills on top of that and that’s just to get by! Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing […]

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Discover How Home Maintenance Affects Your Home Insurance Claims Many first-time homeowners aren’t prepared for the work required to their houses well maintained and habitable. They also don’t realise that home maintenance is not just a matter of aesthetics or practicality. It’s also necessary to ensure the validity of home insurance claims in the event of […]

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9 Tips for Cooling Your Home Without Breaking the Bank UK homes are built to stay warm during cold winters, but what about during the summer, when a cool home is your only escape from the heat? It’s an increasingly important question as climate change brings about weird weather conditions, including hotter summers. Investing in […]