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Choosing the Right Television Size for Your Home It’s been a long day at work/university/ferrying the kids and all you want to do is plonk on the couch and wait for that fuzzy feeling of well-being. And then you reach for the remote to find out what happened in the world while you were slaving […]

How Much Does Your Washing Machine Cost to Run?

laundry washingFor those with large families whose washing machine tends to be put into action on a daily basis, it would be a good idea to know just how much energy this continual wash day cycle was using. That way, if the whole business proved to be a costly endeavour, they could really focus on making savings.

It’s difficult – but not impossible – to tell how much a washing machine costs to run. Thankfully the government is going to make it incredibly simple for some of us via a pilot scheme where manufacturers will have to tell the consumer exactly how much using their particular appliance will cost over a nine year period (the average washing machine’s lifespan).