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Silent Fireworks Hold New Hope for Traumatised Animals

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There are very few people in the veterinary business and animal welfare who like fireworks. Every year around Guy Fawkes, but now increasingly at other times of the year, especially New Year, the number of animals brought in to veterinary hospitals spikes. Furthermore, the number of pets reported lost or missing because they escape and […] Read More

Please Don’t Limit the RSPCA in Animal Welfare Prosecutions

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In an alarming move, the Environment Food and Affairs Committee has requested that the RSPCA (the world’s oldest animal rights organisation) take a less active role in bringing animal abusers to justice. Gudrun Ravetz, president of the British Veterinary Association, has said that the reasoning behind this is mysterious, since the RSPCA is responsible for 90% […] Read More

Teacup Doglets: Cups of Cuteness or Cups of Cruelty?

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I’m the first one to admit it: a tiny dog in a teacup is adorable. And in a world where houses are shrinking and gardens are becoming less and less common, there are definite advantages to having smaller pets. A French Bulldog is going to require less acreage and less exercise than a Ridgeback or […] Read More

Digestive Enzymes: Can You Trust them to Help Your Pet?

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Your vet may prescribe digestive enzyme supplements for a variety of reasons, from dermatitis to diarrhoea. They are certainly growing in popularity for both humans and pets. There’s a lot of hype and, as is usual with things which become fashionable, there’s a lot of nonsense, too. Let’s find out more about digestive enzymes. If […] Read More

Critical Health Problems That Affect Ageing Cats

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As if ageing isn’t hard enough, life also throws a couple of curve balls in the form of geriatric-related illnesses. Cats, even with their nine lives, aren’t immune to old age ailments. Some cats will age gracefully and without much more than arthritis to show for it. Others, however, will succumb to one or more […] Read More