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insurance policy

Simple Tips on How to Cut The Costs on Your Insurance Premiums Insurance premiums take a chunk out of your wallet over time. But they pale in comparison to the loss you’d suffer for being uninsured in the event of an accident or theft. Insurance is worth the price, especially as certain types are required by law. […]

Moving House Checklist

Moving House Checklist Are you thinking about moving house this summer? Although a very exciting time, moving house can also involve a lot of stress. There are so many things that need to come together in order to actually buy the house (not to mention the fees!) that by the time you get to your […]

Northern Britain has been hammered by torrential rain and gale force winds, which have left homes and business without power and forced thousands to evacuate their homes.

pipe repair

Tardy Tenants are Financial Nightmares for Landlords If you’ve ever been a landlord, this scenario will almost certainly sound familiar to you. Your property needs a small repair. It’s a loose door hinge, a dripping pipe, or something else minor that could easily be repaired by the tenants in an hour or two. It could […]

damp and mould

Why Landlords and Tenants Hate Mould / Damp Mould, landlords and tenants: They’re combustible combination. Tenants feel landlords ought to take responsibility for the problem and fix it ASAP without any cost to them. Landlords, on the other hand, often feel that mould and damp caused by condensation is tenants’ fault because they dry clothes […]

insurance brokers

Brokers Beat The Comparison Sites for EU Insurance Consumers The last few years have seen a steady increase in the number of price comparison websites. These provide a simple way to compare prices of various products or services from different suppliers. This is meant to save you time because they do the legwork for you. […]

private landlords shakedown

Private Landlords Fight Unfair Buy to Let Tax Changes Changes to tax laws that govern buy-to-let properties have landlords up in arms. The planned buy-to-let tax is deemed unfair because it targets private landlords who have buy-to-let properties in their own names and doesn’t target companies that invest in rental properties. Furthermore, tax will be […]

children with learning disabilities

New Passport Helps Children with Disabilities & Learning Difficulties In the UK there are approximately 80,000 disabled children under the age of 16. This is about one in every 20. However, it’s difficult to get an accurate picture because historical data is thin on the ground. What data is available shows an increase in disability […]


New Campaign Forces The Premier League to Accommodate Disabled Fans We’ve written about popular sports for people in wheelchairs, but what about wheelchair-bound and other disabled sports fans? Do sports’ stadiums give them easy access so they can watch their favourite sports live? Apparently not, if the sport concerned is football. There are only seven […]


How Can We Make Playgrounds Safe & Fun for Disabled Children? Children’s playgrounds are places of fun, laughter and the occasional injury. But not all children can join in the fun because playgrounds simply don’t cater to their special needs. Sadly, children with disabilities are often, unintentionally, discriminated against in public parks and playgrounds. Parents […]

disabled employees adjustments

Are Employees Taking Advantage of Disability Discrimination Claims? In 2010 Government introduced the Equality Act to protect disabled employees from unfair treatment and discrimination. Recent statistics reveal that the number claims for discrimination against disabled workers has increased steadily over the past few years. Many employers now question the legitimacy of all the claims. They […]

community living in built-to-rent apartments

The Built-to-Rent Market Threatens Buy-to-Let Private Landlords Property is a smart investment. With more people unable to afford to buy their own property and needing to rent long-term, investing in the rental market is a good idea. While renting is a good idea for landlords, it’s not ideal for tenants. Negligent landlords are a problem […]


Easy Peasy Tips for Home Improvements that Save Money On Your Energy Bill Living can be expensive. When we think about the costs of everyday living we need to consider the cost of food, travel, rent and then bills on top of that and that’s just to get by! Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing […]


The Most Popular Sports for People in Wheelchairs Sports are a great way to keep fit, relieve stress and hang out with friends. You can participate in an individual sport or you can play in a team. Being in a wheelchair by no means suggests people aren’t interested in or capable of participating in sport. Although wheelchair […]

end of tenancy cleaning

Who is Responsible for End of Tenancy Cleaning It’s enough of a chore to clean up after yourself, let along cleaning up after others. So when you move into a new flat, you don’t want any signs of the previous tenant. Particularly if the signs indicate a lax attitude to hygiene. End of tenancy cleaning ensures […]

Mobile phone security

Hacking by Voice Command: The New Threat to Mobile Phone Security Hackers have a powerful new tool at their disposal, according to security researchers at Georgetown University and the University of California. And it’s the power of their own voice! Voice command technology is more common on smartphones. So it was only a matter of […]

Students and their gadgets

Student Insurance: Why it’s Important & Your Options Student insurance is not something that many university-goers think about. There’s just too much going on in their lives for student insurance to even get a look in. Their parents should consider insurance, however. After all, they’re sending their grown up bundles of joy into the world with […]

fall down stairs

Safety Checks for a New Home: Don’t move into a danger area! Buying a new home is a stressful but exciting time. It’s not an easy or straightforward process, either. It’s a long road from finding a house to buying a house and then moving in. There are many steps involved and many things to consider […]


Buy-to-let property owners want the best possible returns. One of the most promising areas is the short-term rental market. In the short-term renal market landlords let their properties at daily, weekly or monthly rates.

Deposit Into Piggy Bank

Deposit Protection is Failing Tenants: Here is What You Need to Know Rent (or tenancy) deposit protection schemes are designed to protect the deposit amount that tenants pay landlords when they move into a property. The deposit is supposed to be reserved for repairs to damage or replacement of lost (or stolen) items. It is […]

Green home landlord insurance

Government Tells Landlords: Green Up & Improve Energy Efficiency 2016 has been a heck of a year for landlords, and there are still 4.5 months to go. The latest is the revision of the government’s energy efficiency policy for landlords. It’ss be illegal for landlords to rent any property that doesn’t meet Band E energy […]

Home security

7 Important Factors That Affect Your Home Insurance Rates How much are you paying for home insurance, and what can you do to reduce insurance rates? Insurance providers, much like the homeowners themselves, want less risk. In a sense, their confidence in the homeowner is reflected in the cost of the insurance premiums. As such, anything […]

energy performance in homes

What Do New Landlords Need to Know About Energy Performance Certificates Energy efficiency is one of the most important issues of our time, and it’s an issue that the UK government takes very seriously. In 2008, legislation regarding energy performance certificates (EPC) gave landlords incentive to improve the energy efficiency of their properties. If you’re looking […]

truth or lie

White Lies Won’t Kill Your Insurance Claims The Supreme High Court has made a decision that could be a blow to insurers and insurance policy holders alike. Actually, whether it’s helps or hinders insurance policy holders depends on where you sit on insurance claims. If you’re prone to little white lies, or don’t always pay […]

Universal Credit Landlords

Exactly How Does Universal Credit Affect Tenants & Landlords? Universal Credit is rolling out across the UK, but not everyone is happy, especially landlords. The intentions behind Universal Credit (UC) are good. It replaces 6 different benefits and simplifies payments. It should also encourage recipients to learn financial responsibility. Unfortunately, the process is proving problematic. […]

Construction worker

How to Choose a Reputable Contractor for Your Home Renovations There is little Brits love more than a good home renovation. This is evident in statistics released by Zopa, following a survey of over 1200 people who’ve qualified for home improvement loans. One of the biggest findings is that most Brits renovate so that they […]

Cleaning gutters

Discover How Home Maintenance Affects Your Home Insurance Claims Many first-time homeowners aren’t prepared for the work required to their houses well maintained and habitable. They also don’t realise that home maintenance is not just a matter of aesthetics or practicality. It’s also necessary to ensure the validity of home insurance claims in the event of […]

Happy retired couple

Landlords Benefit from Massive Growth in Retirement Rental What do you want to do with your retirement years? Do you want to indulge your love for travel? Do you want to live close to your children and grandchildren? Would you prefer a quiet life in the country? Whatever you want to do, you have to make […]

home insurance claim

How Your Claims History Impacts Your Home Insurance Buying a home is the dream, but actually having a home is an expensive business. Every month we dutifully pay for home insurance so when a disaster happens, we can claim and replace household items. Unfortunately, claiming from your insurance just once will have an effect on any future […]

open window

9 Tips for Cooling Your Home Without Breaking the Bank UK homes are built to stay warm during cold winters, but what about during the summer, when a cool home is your only escape from the heat? It’s an increasingly important question as climate change brings about weird weather conditions, including hotter summers. Investing in […]

home renovation insurance

Renovating Your Home? It’s Critical You Remember Insurance Are you thinking about renovating your home; even doing something relatively simple like remodelling your kitchen cupboards or making your bathroom en suite? Whatever renovations are on the cards, you need to take care of one detail first. Inform your home insurance provider of your intentions. It’s […]

English listed building insurance

Discover if Your Listed Property is Suitably Insured Listed buildings are a treasure and often have hundreds of years of fascinating history lending to their character. Life is complicated for listed property owners when they want to buy insurance. This is thanks to a tangle of red tape average home owners never consider. What insurance do listed […]

Home for sale

Is it Expensive to Advertise on Zoopla, Rightmove & PrimeLocation? (..And how do you list online property? ..see below!) Don’t you hate it when the answer is: It depends? It seems like such a cop out. Unfortunately, it depends is usually the only answer because of all the different factors at play. Read below to […]

Home insurance

Forced into Mortgage-Linked Home Insurance? You Can Actually Say No! Thirty per cent of home buyers in the UK believe they have to buy home insurance from their mortgage provider. This is according to recent research by Gocompare. Home insurance is compulsory for most mortgage lenders, and most mortgage lenders offer home insurance products. You should […]

Wheelchair Insurance

Simple Tips to Adjust a New Wheelchair For Your Needs a simple Most people don’t realise it, but wheelchairs do more than just get their users from A to B. For people with compromised mobility, wheelchairs offer a chance of normalcy. They can perform their daily activities, and attend to their personal needs in comfort. Users […]

Insurance Background

How Sure are We About the Insurance Act of 2015? The Insurance Act of 2015, which comes into effect in 2016, has been variously described as the greatest change to insurance laws in the last 100 years, the greatest change in more than a century and the greatest change since 1766. Regardless of which timeline […]


4 Simple Tips To Keep Your Drains Smelling Fresh As Daisies Ew! What is that smell?! It must surely be coming from outside. No, wait… It’s the bathroom drain. There must be something in the kitchen cupboard to stop the smell. What? It’s in the kitchen, too! What is going on? Neighbourhood kids’ prank? Someone’s […]

car crash

Discover Why Insurance Claims Get Denied The ABI recently released revealing statistics on why insurance claims are denied. Specifically, they reveal a lot of different factors that affect claims for different types of insurance policies. According to the ABI, one in five home insurance claims is turned down and 23% of travel claims are denied. […]


Hob Kettle vs Electric Kettle: Which Saves More Energy? It’s a bit of an age-old conundrum and incites lots of discussions – some of them reasoned; some just plain silly and make us boiling mad (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun). To date, we’ve found no definitive answer to the question of whether it costs more […]

storage insurance

What’s Safe to Put in Storage Units (and what isn’t)? One of the most common questions people ask when it comes to self-storage, is what exactly can they put in storage units? It’s not a foolish question. The penalties for storing prohibited items include fines, confiscation of items and, if you’ve really fallen foul of the […]


Self-Storage Tips to Help You Find The Right Safe Facilities The self-storage industry in the UK is growing rapidly, but it is still officially unregulated. This means consumers need to be very careful so that they don’t get taken for a ride. The good news is that some facilities take their customers’ best interests very […]

fridge warranty

8 Ways to Reduce Your Fridge’s Energy Consumption The fridge in your house works round the clock all year through. So it should come as no surprise that it is a top contributor to your monthly energy bills. Annual running cost of a fridge can be anywhere between £12 and £38, depending on its energy […]

5 Reasons Why Your Freezer Keeps Defrosting Most freezer models today have a self-defrost option, i.e., the freezer defrosts periodically without any action on the part of the owner. But if you notice that your freezer keeps defrosting more often than normal, and fails to keep food frozen, it may be due to the following […]

Collapsible Mobility Scooters – The SureMag Review No one could argue that mobility scooters aren’t a godsend, allowing people with a mobility-related disability to remain independent as they transport themselves from A – B. Transporting mobility scooters, on the other hand, can be a painful experience, especially if you’ve got a large deluxe machine. Fortunately, […]

Loss of rental income insurance

Rent Indemnity Insurance 101 Landlords may be surprised to discover that there are some important caveats to rent indemnity insurance that they may have completely overlooked. For example, as a landlord, you may have bought standard cover and assumed the policy covers absolutely everything, from fire damage to tenants defaulting on the rent. However, there […]

Flea infestation home emergency insurance

Your Guide to A Flea Infestations How to get rid of fleas in your house and on your cats and dogs Fleas, like most house mites and bugs, are among any homeowner’s worst nightmares. While getting rid of fleas in your home can be quite simple, you have to be very thorough in your approach, […]

Ant Infestations

A Guide to Ant Infestations Of all the pests that invade the home, household ants are probably the least threatening. But that doesn’t mean that they are welcome. We take a look at how you can prevent an ant infestation as well as how to get rid of an existing ant invasion, including commercial ant […]

Cockroach pest infestation insurance

A Guide to Cockroach Infestations Cockroaches are dreaded and feared by almost every person on the planet. They have been around forever and, thanks to their legendary ability to survive a nuclear holocaust, they will probably be around forever more. However, despite their bad rap, cockroaches are a species to be admired. They are well-organised […]

Brown rat pest home emergency insurance

A Guide to Rat Infestations The words ‘rat infestation’ are enough to send homeowners shivering in terror, but don’t worry, there are ways in which you can get rid of a rat infestation humanely. Read our guide for more information on rats, how to identify possible rat infestations, the risks of infestation and the best […]

Mouse infestation pest home emergency insurance

A Guide to Mice Infestations While they might look cute and cuddly in the pet store, a mouse infestation in your house is destructive and costly. To make matters worse, it seems that not only are mice infestations becoming more common, but the mice themselves are also becoming bolder. While mice might not be as […]