Support for Carers this Christmas

For many, Christmas is a time to let loose and enjoy the festivities around you. However, for carer’s the reality can often be somewhat difficult, with the festive season actually being one of the most stressful times to care for another person.

As a carer, you will probably have had to sacrifice plans and make new traditions in order to accommodate the person you care for and make sure everyone is comfortable. While stressful, there is support open to you and ways you can reduce the stress on yourself this Christmas.

1. Plan in Advance

One of the best ways to avoid becoming overwhelmed during Christmas is to create a plan for the festive season well in advance. Agree an approach to the holidays with the person you care for, family and friends far before any festivities have begun – this way, Christmas isn’t going to creep up on you unprepared and instead, the holiday season should run much smoother for everyone involved.

2. Prepare the Person you Care for

Christmas can be a time where regular routines and schedules are thrown out the window, which can be a stressful time for a person who relies on their daily rituals. If you anticipate this being a problem with the person you care for, you may want to discuss the upcoming events with them and prepare them for any changes in their day.

3. Caring for Yourself

It’s important to give yourself time to enjoy the holidays as well as the person you care for. Try to arrange in advance some time for yourself – whether it’s a meal with family and friends, a carer’s event, or even just some alone time to get some Christmas shopping done at your own pace!

Seeking External Support at Christmas

Need additional support in your carers role this Christmas? Consider reaching out to the online community in the Carers UK Forum. Free to join and open 365 days a year, this can be a valuable resource for finding a support network with people who know exactly what you’re going through.

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