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Why Landlords and Tenants Hate Mould and Damp

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Mould, landlords and tenants: They’re combustible combination. Tenants feel landlords ought to take responsibility for the problem and fix it ASAP without any cost to them. Landlords, on the other hand, often feel that mould and damp caused by condensation is tenants’ fault because they dry clothes inside or keep the windows closed when they […] Read More

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Most Popular Sports for People in Wheelchairs

Sports are a great way to keep fit, relieve stress and hang out with friends. You can participate in an individual sport or you can play in a team. Being in a wheelchair by no means suggests people aren’t interested in or capable of participating in sport. Although wheelchair users are restricted from some able-bodied sports, most can […] Read More

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Hacking by Voice Command: The New Threat to Mobile Phone Security

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Hackers have a powerful new tool at their disposal, according to security researchers at Georgetown University and the University of California. And it’s the power of their own voice! Voice command technology is more common on smartphones. So it was only a matter of time before hackers starting hijacking the tech. That said, one needn’t be […] Read More